1. Any more information on this? Reference number? Anything?

  2. They don't want to play with me any more :(

  3. Would be nice to know how they are scamming so I know what to say when I waste their time. Please give as many details as possible.

  4. A lot of folks need to do that. We could waste their time way more with a bit of info.

  5. Okay, I just frustrated them enough on 888-237-8871 that they burned the number

  6. Called these guys earlier today and kept them going for about 25 minutes. They have now called me multiple times not realizing I’m the same guy who messed with them. They are not bright.

  7. They need a ‘case number’ from the email. You have that handy?

  8. I wouldn't use GA for any of this. I often tell anyone who will listen that GA (in both versions) is for trend spotting, not accounting functions.

  9. It's probably more dependent on the server that you're running. Is it a Windows server or a Linux based server?

  10. I kept them on the phone for just shy of 2 hours lol

  11. Haha I just play along and act all panicked and plead for their help.

  12. Called and told him I was Nerd Squad, he accused me of being a scammer and then cursed me out in Hindi!

  13. Haha these guys are SO temperamental. I love it.

  14. Wait is your mother also a woman of the night? I was informed that my mother was one.

  15. They were explaining in detail about the things they would do to the women in my family while I was tied up and made to watch.

  16. Weird mix. Amazon is the entry but then it just turns into your standard AnyDesk scam. They are VERY inexperienced, but they do have a call list for sure.

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