1. As it should. I’m sure he brought it up and the producers encouraged him to go to Jackson in order to create chaos out of the gate. They should have held his feet to the fire. He can take time off; he just didn’t want to. Shaq is a dipshit. She should have gone to Jamaica without his ass

  2. I would've ubered to the nearest mall & bought some cute things to wear on the honeymoon.

  3. Clint’s geriatric male friends (Boomer Brigade) talking like they are all God's gift to women. wtf Look in the mirror that is gray hair with your matching beer belly. Clint sucking his gut was the only time he was speechless

  4. Reminds me of the group of “friends” of that old man with the boat on marrying millions.

  5. I grew up there and never felt at home anywhere else. But now when I return, it’s not the same. Before all the crime it was even more amazing and unique. Read A Confederacy of Dunces. That was our youth!

  6. He was quite self-obsessed and gave us some excruciating details we didn’t need. With that being said I thought he was really entertaining, the hosts behavior towards him in the reunion was strange to me

  7. He did say that in response to his Groomsman's question, but his answer, to me anyway, just proved he is a selfish lover and will not be able to please his new bride because his first response to anything he wanted was an act that was for his pleasure only.

  8. Marriage officiator: "Airris' friends would like you to know that he loves royally."

  9. He said he was finishing his coursework. Then you have oral exams and a year to complete your written dissertation. I guarantee he isn’t writing anything with his grammar that will pass.

  10. Sadly, I know someone who got a masters degree and then phd from that school. Her grammar, spelling, punctuation and ability to communicate in coherent sentences are all deficient to even a third grade level.

  11. Happened to me at cardiac rehab. Very unpleasant. Everyone except one creep acted normal and focused on their recovery. Also, this is why we have a peloton LOL

  12. That’s less than the price of an easel and single canvas sheet. Seems like everyone buying things on the quest store is incredibly cheap

  13. I’m sorry if this is a dumb question- I’m new to this. Can you print out your images?

  14. I did play therapy but it wasn’t hard. If you want to try it, follow their lead. In my fellowship we did play board games and other therapeutic CBT games.

  15. My husband immediately said there are other women in the picture. I’m sorry. I hope it’s not true. But this is a massive deception.

  16. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

  17. Great advice! I agree with another poster, it’s hard when you’re a parent. I also read about the concept of “holy moments“. This is the idea that throughout each day you’re taking opportunity to do something kind for another person and stretch your soul just a little in the direction of others. I have found that this helps my mood more than anything, and that’s a nice feeling of contributing to some small amount of good in the world.

  18. Good question! I don’t have to take as many naps. The tiredness had been going on for years, and I didn’t realize it was because of the bicuspid aortic valve. I didn’t find out about the bicuspid valve until a few months before I had surgery on June 14, 2022. I’ve gone through rehab and build my strength up and I’m still working on that. I have diastolic dysfunction because The valve had gone to severe stenosis. Hopefully that is getting better; I will have it checked in a few months. I am still not where I used to be on the peloton, but that is what showed me that I needed surgery. My output had dropped dramatically. I owe my life to our decision to get that exercise equipment. I also had some bouts of free- floating anxiety, several months afterwards. That resolved with time.

  19. I didn’t. I was 13 in the 1970’s and my parent’s friends sent me the books set from England. I was, and still am, converted by it as my understanding grew.

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