1. Privatized his twitter, wonder what else he's plagiarized, people rarely do this once so could be scrubbing it clean.

  2. His most recent public statement on Facebook (from 2022): "we investigated ourselves and found we did nothing wrong"

  3. Not sure why this is getting downvoted, the arena did become pretty outdated kinda fast

  4. I was shocked at how crappy it was the first time I walked in the place, and that was after complaining that the outside looked like a public restroom for months while construction was still going on.

  5. That 04 Pistons team should get more love for practically having no hall of fame players (except Ben Wallace) and for being the anti-team by today's standards

  6. Unless Wallace makes the hall they will go down as the only team in NBA history to win a title without a single future HoF player on the roster.

  7. The league average PPG in 1999 was 91.6, lowest since the 1950s. Some of the scoring were in the 60s and 70s range and the offenses were clocked up with 2 bigs inside, while perimeter stars were limited with their shooting. But finding the right balance the best way to resolve the massive flopping of today's game.

  8. The NBA was physical in the 80's but scoring was off the charts. A combination of a ton of great offensive players playing at the same time and fast pace.

  9. I know that's the right word, but I always feel really pretentious using it. Not judging here, it's my hang-up, not yours.

  10. Umami isn't the right word. Umami is a direct translation of the word savory and if you are an English speaker savory is correct, umami is pretentious and trite.

  11. That would make sense. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all 6’ tall men would look emaciated at 160, but with my frame, I would be essentially be a wide skeleton and organs.

  12. When I was in college a group of friends sat me down to talk to me about my problem. They assumed I was anorexic, I managed to convince them quickly that I wasn't but at the time I was 6'1" weighed 165 and definitely looked like an animated skeleton.

  13. Fuck GRRM. He wanted the show to go on for more seasons so he could get more money while other people did the actual work. If he wanted a say in the GoT endgame he should have finished the last 2 books.

  14. That's actually totally realistic. If you look like Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio you don't even need to do foreplay. Basically after 3 minutes of face to face conversation every woman on the planet is already there for guys like that.

  15. I see you've never had sex. Just a heads up: if you try to go in like they do in porn you will cause pain and your partner is unlikely to want to have sex with you again/ probably will stop the whole thing right then. Vaginas and vulvas get "erections" like penises and change shape a little when aroused, with the vulva swelling up and the vagina getting looser. If it feels tight, at best she's not into it and at worst she's hurting. You need to make sure she's got a lady "erection" before you get down to business, and you achieve this the same way you make penises erect = touching. Also wetness is a poor indicator bc of natural discharge since men usually can't tell the difference.

  16. I see you have never had a sense of humor. Just a heads up: if you try to respond to random posts on the internet without having the ability to tell the difference between an obvious joke and a serious comment you are going to end up looking a little silly. Kind of like you do right now. But thanks for the lecture anyways, professor.

  17. Unless someone requests them and gets approved as the new mod. If your friend wants to keep the subs alive they should ask someone else to request them since it's handled on a first come first served basis.

  18. Oh yea he was saying something about him requesting unmoderated subreddits. He's gonna try getting his account back first then might go into someone else take over.

  19. He should get someone else to make the request first. As long as it's someone he can trust after his account is cleared he can ask them to add him as a mod then remove all mods above him on the mod list. He will then go back to being top mod and he can reinvite any other mods to the slots below him as needed.

  20. Just a quick question. Are 10/10 ratings only accepted or are people allowed to give an honest rating? Ive been berated and insulted for giving a low rating. I havent insulted or criticized anyone's pictures. I thought honesty would be appreciated. If indeed im in the wrong ill see myself out of the sub.

  21. We flag low ratings for moderation because most of the people who leave them are trolls looking for fights. We don't only accept 10/10 ratings, and your ratings below that being accepted are evidence of this. You're just being a passive aggressive asshole here, in other words.

  22. Time after time by Cindy Lauper used to make me get the feel’s back in the day

  23. I do a weekly contest on an NSFW sub. The contest is simple, I sort the sub by top posts, take the most upvoted post from the previous week then double check it to be sure it's within our rules and that's the winner.

  24. I was thinking about doing 3 different posts that last 3 days each where people can submit in the comments, then I take the most liked from each post and do a poll for the winner. Does that sound too complicated for 16k?

  25. I think that doing 3 different posts that last 3 days each won't seem like much work at first but imagine doing that every week for multiple years. It's a lot of extra work on top of everything else you are already doing.

  26. Maybe? Mike Illitch bought the team in 1992, and it took the team 14 years to make the playoffs. How would we feel about him circa 1998 or so?

  27. He did the right thing. He waited until there was a core of good young talent and some promising players on the farm and then started spending on free agents.

  28. Bad geography throws me every time. Like when a movie says its happening in some specific city but the skyline is clearly a different city, even when the location has no particular relevance to the plot. Like, okay? Why say your characters live in New York when they're clearly in Vancouver? Why not just say Vancouver or not say the name of the city at all?

  29. The first time this was pointed out to me was by a guy who thought it was hilarious that the TV show

  30. See: Chef with Jon Favreau and the love interest Scarlett Johansson and the wife Sofia Vergara. Quite the stretch that one

  31. Celebrity chefs do end up with legit hot women and even marry other celebs, they just don't look like John Favreau while doing this.

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