1. this dude's gonna get so many fkkd up texts now...

  2. Pretty hard times right there, let's all make fun of them /s

  3. Looks more like a bear attack

  4. I like Shaq but yeah dick move

  5. I am very curious about the texts sent with the pix. Were they simply ’look what we just did’? Or do they maybe incriminate the officers showing there was a personal reason and a plan to get Tyre?

  6. Right..maybe follow up texts to say 'yeah we got him this time, see?'

  7. This guy takes trophy photos of their "kill" and sends them to 6 people...proud moment that had to be shared.

  8. We're gonna need a bigger plate..

  9. It's Eli Manning disguised as Jerry O'Connell

  10. Jerry O'Connell is another one of the good ones

  11. Why aren't aliens this helpful with the construction of magnificent structures in present day?

  12. That's awesome but how do you live without a liver? Did he leave a portion to regrow?

  13. They take out about half the donor's liver and implant it in the receiver. They both then grow to regular size.

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