1. My goal was to make some sort of a Powered by the Apocalypse game but differentiate it enough so that it transcends the PbtA title and becomes something like Blades in the Dark with its own Forged in the Dark system, or the new Candela Obscura from critical role with its Illuminated Worlds system, but at the end of the day these are still just revamps of PbtA, and even Apocalypse World isn't wholly original. That said with such a large part of my TTRPG being similar to CoM I don't really feel comfortable giving it my own trade dress as of right now out of respect, and will likely call it a Powered by City of Mist game, unless I reach the conclusion it's different enough, then I'll still credit City of Mist but try to make my original goal a reality.

  2. Calling your game a Powered by City of Mist hack could be infringing on their trademark. The safer option is to just label it PbtA, and leave any custom "Powered by" appellation for after other designers write hacks of your game.

  3. Strike! is a setting-agnostic, tactical system that has been described as D&D 4E minus the fantasy trappings

  4. I don't necessarily need an epub as long as I have something readable on a Kindle. Sometimes just an A5 layout with a large font does the trick.

  5. I feel that RPG players put a lot less emphasis on mechanics than boardgamers, and a lot more on flavor and setting. If your game is about supernatural investigators in a Dishonored-adjacent universe, then you may be better off spinning it into a different direction.

  6. I'm not sure if they have a name, but they seem well suited for solo RPG. One you could check out is Push:

  7. This guy, when starting to play traveller, asked me why we weren't just rolling 1d12 instead of 2d6.

  8. Don't be too hard on him. Dice as old as the first Egyptian kingdom have been found, but it took thousands of years for mathematicians to figure out how those probabilities would shake out.

  9. The social combat of Chonicles of Darkness might work well in a game about convincing people you're right.

  10. When I posted nearly every post was shitting on the game if not accusing Darrington Press of behaving unethically.

  11. The exact same comment in different threads can get 50 upvotes or end up buried in downvotes depending on pile-on behavior. This is a Reddit quirk I don't have a good solution for.

  12. You make a great point. I think I my post lacked a few words though, because I do intend to give players ways to "fight" supernatural enemies without directly engaging them.

  13. Monster of the Week has a very straightforward combat system, but as long as player characters don't discover and use the monster's weakness, it cannot be destroyed. Even if it should be destroyed, it will simply escape and come back again. I recommend you check it out; maybe you'll decide it's just what you need, or maybe you will find inspiration for your own system.

  14. Phew, I feel you. No matter how useful once it's up and runnning, Infrastructure as Code is a lot to take in. In general, ETL code is fairly straightforward, so if you can find your way around your CI/CD, some basic Pandas operations interspersed with SQL won't pose the challenge you think they will.

  15. Realistically, this crystal will end up in the safest place possible: the sorcerer's bag of holding, from where it will never leave again, long past the end of the campaign.

  16. A big one for me is prep time/table time ratio. I'm drawn to systems that either include a large enough bestiary that I don't need to homebrew my own, or rules so simple I can do it in 1 minute, and combat built for Theater of the Mind means I don't need to sink time into searching for or making battle maps.

  17. You can make a short list of feats they can't take at level 1, including Pole Arm Master, Sharpshooter, Great Weapon Master, and set a restriction that half-feats can't be used to raise an attribute to 18. There is nothing wrong in setting rules that you think will make the game more fun.

  18. I'm better than 99% of people I've ever worked with at excel but I still only ever say intermediate because there is so much I still can't do. Advanced users are next level.

  19. I think some sense of progression is important. Even Frodo had tangible progress: he was moving closer to Mount Doom with every chapter. It is true that not every player character should go from farmhand to demigod, and making numbers bigger just to satiate the part of our brain that is hooked on that may feel a little empty, but giving players more varied and more potent tools lets them tackle larger and more complex challenges. In some cases, the most significant progression comes from their ship, or the organization they run.

  20. AI image generation will probably see a fork, with one side focusing on simplicity and good enough results, like phone cameras, and the other side on power and control, as a tool for artists.

  21. There was an Adam Ragusea episode showing how much has to go just right for a nice brownie with a shiny top to come out of the oven. It involves how much water there is in the batter, and how fine the sugar is. Any deviation in ingredients, and you have chocolate cake instead.

  22. Yea, pound for pound, skeletons make a better minion, but zombies have situational use

  23. Yeah, if you are going on the offensive - and you should, necromancers are offensive by their very nature - then combined arms are the name of the game. The ability to keep coming back over and over not only makes zombies good shock troops, it does wonders at demoralizing the enemy.

  24. The particulars vary wildly from company to company. For a small company, you can manually pull it from your source control repository and run it with cron or a local Airflow server. Then when you look at the big players, AWS, Google, and Azure, each has its own way to run python code. A popular, relatively portable way to run code is with a container like Docker; it is a bit too complex to summarize in a comment, but worth looking into.

  25. Given that US lawmakers have shown no more concern for TikTok user or creators than your average redditor, what are the ripple effects of this law outside TikTok's ecosystem?

  26. Prolog had a niche in AI for a time, but as research focused more and more on neural networks, its relevance dwindled.

  27. As long as at least three players show up there is a session happening.

  28. I also have a Rule of Three: If three players are available, we'll have a session. Those that aren't there fade into the background.

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