1. I love how she had the nerve to say something shitty to Khloe about her gaining weight (when she was pregnant!!!) just to be an asshole and now she herself is on the receiving end of weight-shame comments.

  2. DUDE i thought this too. there’s a bollywood actress that’s the same way she shamed everyone when she was thin and now that she’s bigger is like “ i’m confident being big” like bro?? body positivity isn’t selective like that

  3. kareena!! she used to shane everyone and even called bipasha a black cat because of her skin color. now she’s all about being confident in her skin

  4. Khloe looks so good and I bet it’s killing Kim hahahaha

  5. y’all really can’t compliment one sister without projecting onto another huh

  6. he’s so sweet 🥺 i would duck for cover if someone came up to me mid bite

  7. TikTok isn't Instagram. This is not the content that works on TikTok she needs fresh, fun content, where she doesn't take herself so seriously.

  8. pete’s taller and i personally find him more attractive i’ve never found kanye attractive but i can see how others do

  9. i have literally never seen comments like these on scott posting his kids

  10. idk she did steal the sex tape idea but kris is the one who pitched it to ryan seacrest

  11. That’s what they all say 🙄. There’s a reason Americans are generally fat as hell and it’s not genetics.

  12. i do think some people have conditions but if it was all genetics then why else are the branches of my family living back home are ultra skinny while the ones in america are fat

  13. In private Kim discusses and tries to overly manage her daughter’s weight and it will only get worse as she enters her teen years

  14. Nope you’re totally right! They tell you which genders the embryos are and you can choose indeed. It’s not unethical or unusual.

  15. If they can see the chromosomes of the babies, can they tell you if an IVF embryo could develop Down's syndrome since that's just a trisomy at chromosome 21?

  16. LOL i can't fight but im tall and i can take any of my 5'1/5'2 friends easy. None of them will ever beat me

  17. Nah they pay the paps and media outlets to create positive news stories about them and make them look like victims all the time, when they are often instigators.

  18. I’m 100% sure that Kris has paid the paps to lie in order to make them look good

  19. honeslty someone pointed out people remmeber celeb scandals more when they apologize and acknowledge them so that’s a pretty good incentive not to apologize

  20. now we analyzing the sub because there nothing else to talk about

  21. School you're always the voice of reason 💅

  22. It's kinda mean to continuously call out and pick on someone unprovoked and have everyone join in

  23. i said earlier that i thought she looked good and liked that she was showing her “real” body in the stories today and got downvoted for it.

  24. ur not allowed to compliment kim on a sub that mainly talks about her

  25. No but fr. If I start recognising some user because they always leave negative things, I block.

  26. It is for the most part. Unflattering shit about Kim is deleted all the time. Lol

  27. people say things with legit no basis? someone said Kim is bashing her daughters for their weight like… where’s the evidence for that. + a lot of people use the show to characterize people but everyone also says the show is scripted so i’m confused

  28. dude i was looking at posts from 2 years ago and people were so calm like i’f they liked something or disliked something it was always logical and well constructed. now it’s a long ass thinkpiece on every single thing filled with rage and no reasoning

  29. same! & that response from people was so stupid like besides contacting people he was probably trying to distract himself from the pain & fear he was feeling (from the perspective of a chronically ill person who’s had plenty of hospital experience)

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