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  1. honestly i found that studying keeps my issues at bay. i’m sorry tho i know it’s hard

  2. If I was rich I too would pay to have a kickass Halloween costume. Idk why people are giving her so much credit, she just sat there and paid people to paint it on her.

  3. imagine being pressed by people saying they like her costume lmao some of y’all need to touch grass

  4. These dudes not understanding DEFCON and that DEFCON 3 is… not that high of an alert lol.

  5. defcon 3 is for people who can’t remember if 1 or 5 is highrr

  6. Remember guys, you’re not ugly, just poor.

  7. “the weight loss is aging kim so bad” and yet when kourtney was gaining weight they were saying the weight gain aged her too. any 40 year old woman will have nasolabial folds it kinda just reads as jealousy that she lost weight

  8. Staahhhp. With the exception of Megan and Zendaya they were all chicks you’d see at the 7-11 none really stood out

  9. but they had a good base. a lot of women can get all the surgery and look nothing like them

  10. I can’t believe she made those eyelids! I assumed it was natural. Definitely a choice ..

  11. that wouodnt happen people forget most lawyers could never overlook mikes secret

  12. lol people were complaining so much bc they thought she was gonna cut out pete and accused her of not sharing

  13. I agree with this. I’ve worked as an EMT for about a year and since it’s a pretty male-dominated field, sexism tends to show up somewhat frequently. in my experience though if you find a good company to work for it will be extremely rare and not severe.

  14. I love that Cara posted all of these and RiRi didn’t post a single one lmao

  15. constance wu on meghan markles podcast made me cry :( i can’t imagine how much she’s been through

  16. Um ms it says cant without an apostrophe, is that part of the question?

  17. exactly LMAO like the girl was homeschooled bc kris wanted a babysitter for kendall and kylie so what if she tries to use a big word they all clown on the others for not using big words

  18. I feel like khloe does speak well…? Compared to her sisters .I don’t know about writing though

  19. this is going to sound dense but they always made it sound related to his weight gain and wasn’t heroin chic a thing because heroin causes skinniness

  20. Britney Spears and Taylor Swift's names are absolutely perfect for them. I think Sydney Sweeney is a pretty killer name too.

  21. omg i picked them too before seeing this wow they have the same type of last name where it just sounds cool. i feel similarly about emma stone

  22. kardashian sounds so famous to me. Taylor swift or britney spears are not unique names but they sound like famous people like i’m surprised it’s their birth name

  23. When she said the things that she and Khloe were doing to Kim were flipped back around and being done to her… I mean, neither is great. But does she think it was okay when she was the instigator? I just don’t understand the point of saying this. There’s clearly a lot of toxic behavior there. Khloe latches onto whoever she’s closest with at the time and then Khloe and that person complain about the other one. Very unhealthy. Also very telling that she doesn’t discuss her relationship with Kim at all.

  24. She just posted the kids singing his song so pls stop with your theories he’s a great dad

  25. uhhh if you think being tied to his hateful antisemitic rants and the WLM shirt he chose to wear is “ theories” ur ignorant

  26. Fine for crypto is definitely mild in comparison to his antisemitism and racism.

  27. this man said he’s going defcon 3 on the jews and people are lumping it in with “ controversy” like excuse you??

  28. I’m ethnically Jewish, and yes it’s been a rough time online the past few days. I’ve been trying to take breaks, but it’s been so tough because usually celebrity gossip is my break!

  29. i’m so sorry :(. i’m so mad that people are brushing his comments off as general controversy and saying people will forget about it. like not mad at them but angry something like that has almost no consequences for him. no companies withdrawed as a response.

  30. She has no shame AT ALL how could she not get up and dance with them 💀

  31. DefCon is widely misused, even when spelled properly. The rating system is inverse to what most presume so they often say 5 instead of 1 when meaning the highest level. The second misuse is saying as if it means you're going to attack, not your alertness to an attack. In addition to using "death", captain genius pants got the rest wrong too. In addition to blatant, ignorant antisemitic speech. It was a miss on every level.

  32. someone said he probably said defcon 3 because he can’t remember if 1 or 5 is worse and that makes so much sense even if it’s not why. but i’m just horrified that he tweeted that in the first place. he had my idiot self googling “death con jew” bc i was so confused. thanks for explaining

  33. I think we can safely say the only idiot here is him. And you not being up to date on US military strategy and how it's used in hate speech is perfectly acceptable lmao.

  34. she’s obsessed with KJs lmao she’s dying for w crumb of their fame. she’s the same w meghan markle

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