1. Im quite sure Luthan will be in some form forse user. Position he is in right now only Jedi masters have access.

  2. The problem with saying that Luthen has access to Senators because he was a well known Jedi…is that he would be dead if he was a well known Jedi.

  3. Due to Saitama gag rules, his serious face will appear right behind Goku after he teleports.

  4. Learning what we eventually learn about Varys and his goals and seeing that he was actually a noble man underneath everything and in spite of having to do ruthless things really makes his interaction with Ned in the dungeons more ponient.

  5. I feel like Ned had instant dislike for Varys due to orchestrating assassinations, for instance “a child across the sea”.

  6. Part funny number is here! Tarva visits Earth for the first time to meet Chief Hunter Isif…and finds the Arxur playing with Nulia. We learn a bit about Arxur life and culture, while Isif deflects the conversation on sapient-eating to human cannibalism. What do you think of Tarva and Isif’s interaction? Was it a fair and polite dialogue, as Meier hoped?

  7. Think we’ll ever get a Nulia POV chapter? It’d be interesting to see if she’s ignoring some instincts or if they just were never there without indoctrination.

  8. In one of the Marvel crossovers doesn't he say something to the same effect when tangoing with Captain America? To paraphrase "we're so equally matched that it would be a waste of both of our energy to fight."

  9. They also while fighting realize neither is going for a kill move when it makes sense, therefore they are likely both heroes.

  10. The mullet. Nope then and nope now. Also didn’t he have a beard at one point? Nope to that too.

  11. Apocalyptic Superman should have a beard, like the Justice League episode.

  12. He’s even funny by accident, apparently he was supposed to have an interaction with the Joker in the party scene, but Michael Caine had never seen Heath in full make up.

  13. It won't be nearly as pervasive, but I could see the writers letting her sneak in a quick word or two to the camera.

  14. Big revelation happens, everyone looks at each other.

  15. Right. But he was that very same liability from the beginning. Had Andor been captured during the heist, Luthen would have faced that same risk.

  16. I think he expected Andor to stay with the team until paid and he returns the crystal.

  17. Thats why I brought up the fact that its still very dangerous for Andor to be involved in the heist at all given what he knows. had the heist failed and resulted in Andors capture, the result is even worse than Andor just going AWOL at the end.

  18. It’s less risky to have Andor on it than Vel. She actually knows where Luthen lives. Comparatively to other heist members, he’s low risk. More than Kreegyr, and it becomes high risk when he runs after a high profile heist, but starting out its low.

  19. I can easily picture an out of it Murray sitting at a desk, pick up the phone and just “yeah, we got the uh, lizard guy again. Killer Croc? Is that what we settled on? Well anyways, he’s back. Yep, at the docks.”

  20. Dr. Strange's comment sounds like it would come out of the Venture Bros.

  21. We need Orpheus's music every time Strange shows up.

  22. I really want Orpheus’s music as a ringtone. I just couldn’t find it last time I looked.

  23. They aren't a company that releases amazing games every year, but they're a company that has released multiple 10/10 games every decade consistently for 40 years.

  24. Not to mention BotW seems to have redefined a whole genre of games. Even behemoth projects like Eldin Ring feel like they learned from BotW.

  25. But it’s gotta be QUALITY on Brian’s end, or NO DEAL!

  26. I do think you’re spot on about his character arc. I think something in him changed when he saw Rix Road. This is bigger than him now.

  27. He had cut Ferrix off, wasn’t going to buy or visit there anymore. He only came to kill Cassian.

  28. Yeah, Doom would 100% join the hero team just to defeat Kang, he has a massive ego and “there can only be one” mentality

  29. Doom would attend the same trivia nights if it meant he got to dunk on Reed.

  30. Right, the Empire did not have a clue when they had jailed a man on Niamos that he was wanted for a string of severe crimes on Morlana/Ferrix. And then in 0 BBY we briefly meet a guy who has death sentence on twelve systems.

  31. A probe droid was able to scan Obi Wan and send an alert in the half second before he shot it.

  32. I completely forgot that Fuckes line! That had me in stitches

  33. Fuches just completely taking the wrong lesson from the fable was fantastic.

  34. I don’t understand what’s going on with Mon Mothma and her money problems. From what I understand she’s been funneling her money into the rebellion and now the empire is about to audit her and she needs to account for 400k. Why don’t they just use the heist money to cover her? She seems like she’s totally vital to the rebellion so why wouldn’t Luthen be for doing that? It seems weird that they can’t allocate less than a percent of that take to bail out the linchpin of their whole operation, especially since she’s been bankrolling the whole thing up until this point. And if she does get pinched for it and the have her listen to that fucking horrifying scream torture she can bring the whole thing down.

  35. She can’t just invite the auditor over and open a drawer in his bedroom showing that she’s holding 400,000 credits in hard cash.

  36. Thank you for the in depth reply! I had no idea there was any back story to him or his family for that matter! I was kinda joking, now I might start asking really out there questions lol

  37. It seems he’s completely well off, now he’s concerned with making his name be more than a gangster family.

  38. This just in: Jesus cannot recognize a single person with an organ transplant or cancer, seeing as there is changed or foreign DNA in their body.

  39. Din Djarin is always so clueless and lost

  40. I know all of these were Jedi/force related, but I also love how clueless he was that he grew up in a cult.

  41. He shows up in Clone wars, The Bad Batch, Fallen Order, and Rebels.

  42. If I could explain it in a short description. I love Magic the Gathering.

  43. Peak MtG is everything you said, except dying to your own damage cycle by accident with your opponents surviving with 1-3 life left.

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