1. Do yourself a favor and just don’t. Gives you a false sense of sobriety. I’ve totaled multiple cars because of clon.

  2. The white strains suck so do red I’ve gotten a good nod off 8-10 green caps

  3. Hi, I may know your pain, this happened 4 times in my life, finding the cold body of a beloved one. It hurts so much, so long... remember the good things, I know this just happened it's normal you to be sad. Let that sadness go out, cry, shout loud in the middle of nowhere, let this anger go out.

  4. nooooo you lost them and ur crying 😭😭

  5. Wheels bumper carbon fiber Cowl hood, carbon trunk or roof, I wanna do all 3, maybe some wheel Spacers for the back

  6. No there’s not another one No this is not another one lol it’s not cut It’s called broken up or am I going to do shove a rock up my nose

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