1. Athletic tape like KT tape, make sure you get the XL ones. Cheaper than transtape as well

  2. Varies a lot. Mine stopped completely at around 3-4 months. But your mileage may vary.

  3. You read androgynous leaning fem. I'm sorry but you do read as butch lesbian, especially with your aesthetic of clothing.

  4. I will murder your family. I know where you live.

  5. Do you have like 6 hours a day or more to study? And do you know how to build a pc? Each test took me basically 2 weeks to study for and pass and I could've done it in less time if I wasn't doing one or two things at the same time as studying.

  6. I work a job on only Saturdays and Sundays + I have my own pc, so yes :P

  7. 16 y/o dude who does competition level esports at his highschool

  8. Piggybacking from the other comment about the glasses, I suggest getting some squarer looking frames, or look up men's style of glasses. The round soft shape of the frames isn't doing you any favors.

  9. My SO said 24 with no context when i played this audio for them.

  10. I didn't transition young but I did keep my transition secret from my catholic family while I was living with them earlier in the pandemic. It was insufferable having to hide my joy and be misgendered, plus my mom was always trying to pluck and pick and my face. only advice is move out ASAP, and just keep being you. I only came out to my family after I got top surgery and I was really looking undeniably male… my dad was shocked but accepted me, my mom said some really horrible things and after a few bad visits, now chooses to ignore it. (She doesn’t look at me or gender me or call me by any name. It’s like I am a ghost in the room it’s very sad, but it’s better than before) I think for some families, who would do anything to talk you out of it, the only option is doing it away from them and reveling your true self when you are more settled in your identity because sometimes a “switch” is easier to understand than a series of gradual choices. Good luck man, you have a head start on all of this. College will probably be a great change of pace for you.

  11. I'm really looking forward to college. Just like you said, good change of pace.

  12. T (when it works for you) generally speaking makes you more confident in yourself and your masculinity; so if you do end up gay or straight or something else, just means you're more comfortable. In my experience it made me full on gay--I was suppressing that part of myself because I couldn't see myself dating a dude as a girl. But as a man? Fuck yeah bro. Full homo.

  13. This is my friend, Tay! Me and her met at the school's volunteer club, and they wanted to know if they can sign up. We talked afterwards, and she was so pleasant! I hope to meet them soon at the next meeting.

  14. Michaela looked stunning in her new sundress, I just had to ask her where she got it from.

  15. Hailey and I went to the new gelato place that opened up, and she picked out a strawberry flavor. I really liked the outfit she wore, it suited her so nicely.

  16. there is some universality in the transmasc experience :)

  17. nope! i do as well! i'm wearing a hoodie and shorts right now, it's comfy :D

  18. I am lucky! But I hope that luck passes over to you as well, friend!

  19. God I need to swallow my anxiety and set up an appointment TODAY

  20. Bulk, make sure you fill out your body with good ratio of fat/muscle. Of course, that all depends on how you wish to look like. Keep it up, king.

  21. Definite difference in the waist/hip area. Keep at it king, you're looking good.

  22. Rhea and I should really play some Minecraft together, I'd feel she would find the farming aspect relaxing. Of course, I'd want to teach them some PvP too! Then teach her some redstone farms for efficiency.

  23. June loves the summer, it suits her so nicely. I want her to try and go to the beach with the family when it gets hot here. I'll teach her how to make a good sandcastle! :D

  24. Ren is a good friend of mine, they help me tutor kids in my Calculus AB class. They know their numbers! But on the weekends they like to go to the park with me and throw around some volleyballs while the weather is nice.

  25. Alexandria should really try and go fishing with me, I think she'll find it relaxing. Although I can also stay home and help her grill some beef for the upcoming BBQ.

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