Smol art by me

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I don't know what to do with my hands!

  1. It looks beautiful and captures the dramatic moment with amazing grace, good job, keep it up

  2. Because they don't dare to acknowledge the destruction they've brought?

  3. it just looks so clean i love ur art style so much kfkfjlfjfldjdl

  4. Leaked footage of Ghost mumbo with some random maid

  5. Literally every comments say "it was gem" but in reality don't worry we all make mistakes. Good art btw

  6. Thank you and to everyone who pointed it out I'm actually just stupid and didn't realise it until now also thanks for the compliment!

  7. That's dope fan art, tho I don't think Tango likes his character drawn with horns, but awesome regardless

  8. Oh really?? Damn i just referenced other fanart when I was drawing him oops

  9. I love this man so much,so talented i really hope Jim doesn’t kill him

  10. I’d love it if he played little nightmares but I’m not sure he likes horror games

  11. your arts good! though that’s not the

  12. Yeah,unfortunately i only saw it after I finished the drawing so T-T

  13. I mean I could do a recolor with the original design, jkjk.... unless?

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