1. I love them too! I've been thinking about buying some for a couple years now. The nostalgia is real, and so is the procrastination

  2. This looks pretty good actually. Way better than the last 4 seasons. Love me an angry Kandi.

  3. Are you watching the current season? Melissa has resorted to “crying” every scene now because she’s soooooo hurt and heartbroken over their situation. Give me a fucking break.

  4. She's giving sobbin' robyn (sisterwives) vibes with all the crying and manipulation

  5. I am laughing so hard right now because that’s not even a lamp!!!

  6. This is the perfect table for the infamous BOOT LAMP

  7. 1873 three cent piece, made of nickel. Looks like environmental damaged.

  8. Lol! Yeah, I think she's laying on her bed for the last three photos

  9. Yeah, I'm as confused as you are. I could make a better looking fake cake...not that I'd ever need to.

  10. In my crowd, it was Converse and Vans. But I wore 'em too as a girl. I remember the preppy/sporty kids wearing a lot of Adidas for street shoes for some reason...

  11. Ol' crusty robs has got to be the most selfish person I've ever seen

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