this lemon in my friends yard

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  1. Aulonocara Ob Aulonocara german red The blue one is hard to tell

  2. MMAC SVD loaded with SNB Balavlava and headset

  3. Yeah I got stuck for a few seconds. Glad I feel ok right now. Heard much worst story than mine. I talked to an old timer in the waiting room who got 600V and passed out. Did not bother to go to the hospital lol. Said he got problem later down the line for it and that I was doing the right thing coming here.

  4. C’est meme pas toi le OP. pourquoi tu repond

  5. I write my code in ST so techs don’t need to go in and mess with its. Much easier to write robust code in ST.

  6. Now what if we have to do a modification or add something to it

  7. Thats not how it works here… engineer only do the paper work

  8. I keep right now demasoni in a 75g. Rule of thumb for demasoni is 1 per 2-3 gallons

  9. Try to get a 4ft long for african cichlid. 55g can do good with small mbuna

  10. They look guilty because of what you do / tone of your voice. Not because they understand. If they're a shoe chewer the only way to make them stop is to put the shoes where they can't get them.

  11. Sometime I just have to look at him when he has done something wrong and he gives me this look

  12. But he still does the bad thing...

  13. Yea like pee inside cause he is still young…

  14. Told a pmc in factory that just wanted to extract for a quest that I wont shoot… I did… he was my last pistol kill. I needed that opportunity

  15. Got the darker one couple weeks ago. Already had the pale on before so they might ve fightinf for hierarchy?

  16. First one is a pseudotropheus Demasoni. Demasoni work better in group of 10-20. More is better. You should plan on putting them in a 55-75G tank with a group of 30

  17. No… clearly not.. I’ve been keepint cichlid for many years and demasoni never go well alone. They are supposed to live in large group. Not alone

  18. Dont say it Dont say it Dont say it…..

  19. How comes you have only 300 pmc kill but 1.5k scav in 2k raid. I have 1k raid and double your pmc kill. Are you more like a silent scav killer? ( dont want to sound like a dick just curious about your gameplay )

  20. A side note to consider when using anything other than direct addressing, the execution time for the instruction is about 1000 times longer.

  21. Ok ill def take a look at that. Thanks !

  22. Your Mom must have been impressed when you popped out and started programming ladder from your crib. Go away.

  23. Same. Game crash and then gateway timeout

  24. As a avs fan… wtf was that call Can someone explain me

  25. You can trouble shoot on live but not install My opinion

  26. Turn on VSync or FreeSync or GSync.

  27. Should I turn it on nvidia panel or only in game? I think my monitor is gsync

  28. Definitely a v-sync issue.

  29. Just not sure if I should enable it on nvidia panel or just in game or both

  30. If it comes from a sequencer, you will find it attached to a value in the sequencer word.

  31. First time hearing sequencer. Ill definitly take a look a that

  32. Sqc, sql, sqo, sqi, all confusing as shit when you first come across them. If you have some emulation soft ware at your disposal it helps to mess with them on there first.

  33. Just looked at it. There is no sequencer instruction in the program

  34. Group biker are the worst. They probably all gang up after this and looking for a fight against the car driver

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