1. Number of years ago, but Pig & Duke on 12th, I had my birthday party and reserved a table. Probably half my friends are sober but we all ordered food etc, but the waitress took some serious offense that we weren’t drinking enough and told us when we asked for a refill of water jugs, “it’s not my job to bring drinks back and forth for you all night”, the wording of which makes me laugh to this day.

  2. The owner has been nothing but stellar towards my friends since we've started going there.

  3. Stellar is hardly a word I would use. I used to bartend there. It was horrible.

  4. “My resume is fairly impressive”. 🙄 You should be able to figure this out then, no?

  5. Damn it, I wish I knew! I live right down the street, I could have walked in and made both their lives better.

  6. While Coventry Hills and Bridgeland are technically in the NE because they are east of Centre Street, when people say NE they usually mean east of Deerfoot.

  7. Coventry definitely gives NE vibes. Definitely not comparable to Bridgeland.

  8. I live in Coventry Hills and it certainly feels like Forest Lawn - Upgraded Edition.

  9. Sorry, I didn’t mean to hammer on your community. Everything you said is my thoughts as well. But please keep in mind I hate commuting or leaving my inner city community. I can’t imagine ever living in the suburbs but I do understand it’s different once you have a family. I’m glad you watch after your daughter. Regardless of where we live our world is scary.

  10. I’ve gotten the packs from ardenes as i’m picky about what my studs/nose studs look like. I have the “L” shape nose studs for years without them falling out. I use a straight post that’s double ended for my ears. So much comfortable to sleep in and won’t come out unless you unscrew the ends.

  11. Picky and Ardenes don’t belong in the same sentence. 😂

  12. Literally the best. He makes me actually lol.

  13. She can pretend to be perfect at other things, but when it involves doing something that she can't hide behind then she refuses to do it.

  14. If they ever do have a child hopefully her DNA is strong enough to counter balance his.

  15. This is too ridiculous and I regret even dignifying this with a reply. 🥴

  16. I'd apply to everything that you think will fit you. Even if you have exp so many companies will start you at the bottom of the at scale.

  17. I definitely would not make my first intro sentence “I don’t have bad habits”. That’s an immediate red flag. The interviewer isn’t thinking about bad habits from the jump. You’re planting that into the interview.

  18. Have you actually tried looking with effort? So many places short staffed now.

  19. Full disclosure. Where is the worst owner/place to work in the city and why. I’ll start first: megaaaaa sexist: pig and Duke restaurant

  20. When will the Chicken Way comments die?

  21. And not 49k a month either it doesn’t cost that much to give one baby a decent life. Her or that baby is NOT accustomed to a certain lifestyle, therefore what’s the basis of her needing 49k a month to raise him? Just bc a man he’s never met is rich? He needs to help her feed him, clothe him, keep heat and lights and water on, and educate him. A few toys she can’t afford, some trips to the zoo, done. And why does he have his last name? You must really want to scar your son. She doesn’t even know Tristan herself, let alone the baby. Shit is sad. If she wants luxury tell her ass to pick up her own ball and hit the gym, real talk.

  22. You’re getting downvoted but you’re one hundred right. A baby is always a blessing. But she’s in it for the paycheque.

  23. Plot twist: There is none unless you go up to 16th ave and it's just ok. I would recommend you go downtown to Rajdoot or even the Spice Cafe had good food.

  24. Rajdoot used to be good. Now it’s so bland. The butter chicken is essentially canned tomato soup.

  25. This is probably going to be an unpopular opinion but I would like to see Kylie transition into a kitchen influencer à la Ayesha Curry or Chrissy Tiegan (*spits*). I mean, for her own sanity. Lose the vapid, idiot makeup influencer life.

  26. She claims to not enjoy being famous but clearly by her content it’s a hundred untrue.

  27. Definitely not wallet friendly. Great place though.

  28. 1: Don't tip at a fast food chain, they rarely distribute fairly. Coffee shop are a strange beast and are usually somewhat fair.

  29. It’s actually closer to 5-8% tip out.

  30. Definitely reach out to Ellinor. She’s so good. Sweet, honest and so talented. She can prob source exactly what you’re looking for!

  31. You just know he has skids on the inner backside of these pyjams.

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