1. The left flank being worked on a lot, beastly by Dembouz, good to have a 9

  2. My goodness this is the type of performances you see in 3-4 years. And to think he's only 18!

  3. The problem is, he is rising rapidly and it's very difficult to get him rn, like he was just 21m like 2 days ago and now he is 23m 😂🤦‍♂️

  4. I'm so hyped to see them getting relegated today, they have been so disrespectful to us and they deserve to go segunda division. The way they have been rude to players makes me angry.

  5. RIP Amt.. we gonna miss you a lot, u listened to us and solved our issues.

  6. Got David Beckham just now and almost cried

  7. I’d suggest not using Kroos, Bale, Ramos and Henry as txp. Rest- Use as Txp

  8. I always thought it sounded like Monica Bing though.

  9. It just says Leaderboards in the Beta. No mention of Division Rivals

  10. Well, no boost rarities has been confirmed guys.. No more leg, epic rarities..

  11. Since the season starts on 18th September.. I think there will be one more event at the start, that we don't know

  12. What is wrong with all you foreigners who criticize Indian Football..We agree that we don't play football very well, but like our country, we will start growing very fast.. there is no need to criticize us, Sunil Chhetri is a legend for our country..that is why we support him..now be may not be Messi or Ronaldo.. but he is showing that India wants to grow, and will grow as an footballing nation.. Please have some respect for us like we do for you too🙏

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