1. Got hit from behind, both drivers are using their phones?

  2. The incident happened in 2015. Man was high on LSD.

  3. Not the same incident as the truck in the video is a Dodge RAM 1500 while the truck that you linked is a Ford Ranger

  4. This happened in Russia, the dashcam guy only had broken leg and the one who crashed into him was in a coma after but ultimately survived too

  5. I remember my highest win of $150 on a $1 draw game

  6. You can only redeem cash back for Citi Double Cash in amounts of at least $25.

  7. I haven’t tried redeeming it at all, I just want to know why I’ve only been given 1% instead of 2% still, I already paid off the statement balance in full about a week ago

  8. How do you like the S21Ultra compared to your S20 Ultra? personally, MST Samsung Pay being omitted from the S21 series is what's stopping me from upgrading from my S20 UW...

  9. Yeah, it’s probably shortly after midnight, or it might be midnight tomorrow. It depends when you added the line. If it was earlier today, it should be midnight tonight.

  10. It’s 11:36PM right now and I placed the order at 9:38PM if the confirmation email is accurate to the minute so I wonder...

  11. I added a line at around 6 PM, and it activated the next day. But when I did a test add, it was still before midnight, but the start date was set for two days in the future.

  12. I really should have paid more attention during the checkout since I can’t do anything now except wait and see what happens... I only took a screenshot of the account PIN selection screen and order successfully placed screen which only showed me the order and SIM card numbers

  13. Is there a benefit to it only reporting a small amount?

  14. It reports it as only using that small amount of your available credit showing that you aren’t too reliant on that money meaning it makes you look like less of a risk to lend to. I’ve read on here that 30% or less of your credit limit is what you should wait to pay monthly as soon as it gets reported. Anything going above that 30%, Pay it off soon as it posts no waiting for statement otherwise it would report the whole amount you spend and not 30% or less

  15. Interesting. I’ve either paid off my cards in full every month or held major balances due to like emergency spending never in between. With this card I’ve used it to basically replace my debit card as my daily spending for security reasons and to let the cash back just kind of add up so I’ve been paying the balance down straight from that debit cards account every couple days.

  16. If you pay your balance using the Apple Cash Card, the transfer is near instant. I have seen that paying with my bank account however will take more than a few days for “processing”

  17. Called Apple Store it was going to be at: bad weather was causing delays in delivery and they were nice enough to give me a $25 credit to my debit card😁 tho how long I’ll have to wait, nobody knows.

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