1. Past Participal: The form of a verb, typically ending in -ed in English, which is used in forming perfect and passive tenses and sometimes as an adjective, e.g. looked in have you looked?, lost in lost property.

  2. Paul Pelosi could have easily been killed though. A tazer to the abdomen would have negated any possibility of that happening & if the attacker had died well maybe he shouldn't have broken into a political figure's house looking to maim/kill her

  3. I know, that’s why I asked the other person about tasing if they weren’t sure what would happen. I said people die from it. People always have a good idea about something they know nothing of.

  4. You have a leg up with puns I see.

  5. Call me old (only 25) buut kids are too reliant on their phones.. that's this just makes me cringe.. I get upset when I see videos of kids getting beat and a whole group is recording in a circle instead of helping..

  6. Welcome to adulthood, seems like you’ve been exposed to some form of critical thinking too. Keep at it, it’s a long road.

  7. They got ripped off, there’s no numbers on it.

  8. Isn't the debt ceiling itself a gimic? It isn't really a ceiling if you can keep raising it

  9. If the foundation keeps sinking you just raise the ceiling 😜

  10. Just what is the cathode/diode setup to plate chocolate with platinum?

  11. A gun for your car has a single purpose. If you think brandishing a gun is where it ends you are foolish

  12. If you think smashing a stranger’s windshield while brandishing a weapon without making the other person angry you are foolish. There’s always one person who will take an attack to the next level.

  13. Yeah but look at all the fun videos that could be posted to comment on.

  14. There have been doubters for 54 years as TGT kept raising its dividends and growing its business. No one is required to buy, but I’m a believer and shop there weekly. It would take something drastic to shrink the dividend after these 54 years, so I view it as a very stable $500 each year.

  15. A lot of people now steal from there too…and Target also calls that shrink along with other companies with this “shrink” problem. Just to add to DD.

  16. This is the dumbest thing I ever saw. This is one of the most famous album covers in history. How anyone thinks a 50-year-old album cover has anything to do with current affairs is beyond me. They are either children or trolls. Or maybe it's...'Brain Damage'.

  17. that’s the nürburgring not nurembergring

  18. im pretty sure its a form of quirkyness. these modern "performance artists" just seem to try and do the weirdest shit possible and then slap some deep meaning on it

  19. I think the meaning is to get your finger deep in shit as fast as possible. Prostate exams on the go. Never leave your friends behind.

  20. Any with a recreational cannabis market--- they get a hefty percent of those taxes.

  21. Police get to confiscate cars from drug busts where I live and they’ve had some pretty cool wheels over the years. Maybe that’s a thing with this town too.

  22. I hope they throw the book at this man.

  23. A nice soft serve ice cream cone.

  24. How much does this cost? Just get a real one.

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