1. i don't like LeBron at all as an athlete, but i'm glad WEC is getting some celebrity involvement the same way F1 gets Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt

  2. Pretty sure Brad Pitt did wave the flag at Le Mans a few years ago

  3. It shouldn’t be a case of South Africa or Spa. What has the sport come to?

  4. Am I the only person who uses the official Reddit app?

  5. Pretty much. Either way, keep in mind that even for the official app it’s a problem as when half the userbase is leaving and some subs get killed due to lack of moderation tools: it’s a problem that will affect you and the quality and quantity of content as well.

  6. Oh I’m not disputing the reasons for the blackout. It’s just surprised me to find out so many people use third party apps, as the official one is the only one I’ve ever used.

  7. Toronto has hosted some of the best cricketing series over the last 3 decades, and it has amazing crowds. If the ICC wants to spread the game beyond traditional centres, there's no better place than Toronto to start with.

  8. While I don’t think Toronto would be a suitable venue for a WTC final, I’d be intrigued to see some Tests played in parts of the world with no cricketing heritage purely to see what the conditions/pitches would be like. How would a South American wicket compare with an English green top or an Indian dustbowl for example?

  9. Your point is? I was talking about whether Alonso had the pace to beat Sainz. Stroll isn’t relevant to that, although I think it’s pretty clear he didn’t have the pace either.

  10. Stroll was the lead Aston this weekend, he was 3rd before, the difference between their pace was marginal enough that they could have sandwiched him with their cars. Instead, they decided to cover off alpine...

  11. Sainz was ahead of Stroll all race. There was no strategy ploy to be had there. They just weren’t quick enough to challenge him.

  12. Agree with everything except the euro tracks. F1 seems to be very gate keeping in its fan base. It makes sense the US has 3 races, we literally have 4 time zones so the Las Vegas GP will be at midnight for me (I’m in AL), i think they should race a full calendar or at least two-thirds.

  13. 50/50 Euro/non-Euro split should be the ideal balance in the calendar

  14. Eh I don't think scrapping the hundred at this juncture is 'common sense'.

  15. The Blast's current length puts it at roughly the same length as the IPL and Big Bash. If you invested the funding that goes into the Hundred back into the Blast in its current timeslot, snapping up good overseas players for the whole thing wouldn't be the issue. The bigger issue is that a lot of England's top players won't be available for it as it'll always be clashing with an international series.

  16. Seeing Ireland taking this kind of hammering just makes me sad that they weren't given Test status while their previous generation were at their peak and that they weren't given the resources to build a decent red ball structure. The chance was there for them to turn into a solid team across all three formats, but it's gone begging.

  17. England and Ireland should play an annual match switching countries each year.

  18. That and the touring teams in England each summer should play them in a warm-up Test first

  19. How about a 20 point deduction for Roma next season and a ban from European competition for the next three years? Put clear deterrents in place to stop stuff like this.

  20. How Jesse was able to get hold of Gale’s address in the season 3 finale. The guy was in hiding, but was able to emerge, find Gale out and about (bearing in mind he and Walt had completed their last cook), follow him to his front door and get back to the laser tag place without being seen, all while people were looking for him?

  21. It's not that hard to follow someone when you know exactly where they work, and your best friend is his colleague.

  22. How on earth can this be legal for an employer to fire a worker for a relationship.

  23. He's been fired for making inappropriate sexual contact in the workplace. It doesn't matter if it's consensual or with your partner, it's not acceptable.

  24. I'm confused what I gleaned from the article is he was caught by two others having relations with his girlfriend while on the job? So he got 3 complaints in total, two from witnesses, and one from the company for having relations in the workplace? Am I missing anything? Cuz this doesn't sound bad.. every company has employees carrying out workplace relationships

  25. There's nothing wrong with dating a co-worker, but being in a relationship with a colleague doesn't mean it's acceptable to grope them in full view of everyone else.

  26. I wonder, what was the percentage of Rubens Barrichello when he retired back in 2010/2011?

  27. Almost like you need an 11th team to house all your drivers, Toto. I'm sure you'd have no opposition at all to that idea if it were ever proposed, would you?

  28. Andretti being in F1 wouldn't get Mick a seat either. The only drivers who benefit from Andretti being in F1 would be American drivers.

  29. I’m not talking specifically about Andretti. The 11th team issue would be the same regardless of who was trying to get in.

  30. didnt james hunt have a rough go later on in life?

  31. He did but he got himself back on the straight and narrow and was picking up a tidy wedge from the BBC for his commentary duties before he died

  32. It was during his commentary days because of a failed investment/syndicate he was involved in. He actually tried to come back and race around 1990 I think.

  33. It was after his career, but his BBC money and I think a role as a Marlboro ambassador helped him recover his finances before he died.

  34. name those 5 or 6 then, because the only ones I can think of are Jeddah22 and Baku22

  35. Imola 2021, Monaco 2022 (albeit in controversial fashion), Miami 2023

  36. It was worth taking the gamble, but it was completely the wrong one. They had more than a free pit stop in their pocket, they had nothing to lose by trying the inters knowing they could’ve pitted again and still kept P2 if it hadn’t rained more, but it could’ve leapfrogged Alonso ahead of Verstappen.

  37. If they pitted for Inters, it hadn't rained and then they had to stop again, they would have ended up behind Ocon, Sainz and Hamilton who had already stopped earlier and would not have needed to stop at all.

  38. Ocon and Hamilton were always pitting for inters. Sainz was less questionable but I’d argue the first couple of laps on the inters would’ve made him a big enough gap even if the track had dried. The inters were already the quicker tyres to be on at that point, the question was whether it would rain long enough for them to be worthwhile.

  39. I mean that 24 minute journey from the city centre to the circuit sounds an absolute killer…

  40. Most of his bets were against his parent club whilst he was on loan somewhere else, I think it's more likely that was just a gambling addict who wasn't even thinking about what he was betting on. Like he probably wasn't consciously thinking "my team will lose", he was probably just sticking a bet on Man City to beat Newcastle.

  41. This. Context is important. Neither are great but there's a difference between picking out a Newcastle match on its own with the intention of lumping on them to lose and going down an acca sheet and picking City or United because they're at home and Newcastle happen to be their opponents.

  42. It’s not speed for me but price. I don’t mind sitting on the train for longer, but when it costs a fraction of the price for me to drive instead, it’s a bit of a dealbreaker.

  43. Unrelated to the Surrey-Middlesex game, what muppet thought scheduling the Lancs-Leics T20 Blast game for 12.30pm on a weekday was a good idea?

  44. And there was no scope to play it last night instead?

  45. Any red flag in the last two mins of Q3 should reset the clock to two minutes to give everyone hampered by an incident the chance to go again.

  46. He is currently one of, if not the best drivers in a highly competitive Indy field. Who actually cares about a drivers previous feeder series results when they are doing an amazing job now

  47. The IndyCar field may be competitive but I wouldn’t say it’s brimming with F1 quality drivers at the moment. His rivals are Marcus Ericsson and Romain Grosjean, who lost their F1 drives because they were no longer quick enough, a man who made his name in tin tops and two drivers in Scott Dixon and Will Power who are both in their forties.

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