1. 2017 i think the most chill life i had no social anxiety,had freinds,no pressure for studies,used to play games like cs and many more. I think 8th was the best too whole class were my freinds or buddies and all 6 of us in the grp use to play games on the last bench,crack jokes and laugh all day,recess mai canteen mai chup chup ke jana warna ek samose ke 22 tukde hote.

  2. Bhai slut shaming and simp me differnce hota ha

  3. Metamorphosis of interworked or carti?

  4. yearlong questions kyaa hote h bhai aur unme aur exercise me kyaa fark hota h?

  5. Questions jo yearlong hote hai unhe yearlong questions bolte hai

  6. I think so the strongest hollow is the one who made the scratch on yamajis head

  7. I like shunsui's bankai (because its cool) and Toshiro's bankai (because he looks cool)

  8. The art,the soul society arc byakuya vs ichigo hype,aizen reveal,espada reveal,espada soundtrack,white/zangetsu,characters and the power system...

  9. Pathar pe Allec the almighty likhkar Pani mein faike to kya hoga?

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