The heart & lung capacity & strength of trans women exceed those of cis women, even after years of hormone therapy, but they are lower than those of cis men. Total body fat was lower & skeletal muscle mass was higher among the trans women than among the cis women, but higher & lower than cis men.

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  1. They are broadly speaking equivalent. Both are 'masters' degrees. Where the difference lies is than an MMath comes from doing an integrated degree (i.e. a 4 year undergrad, with the 4th being a masters), where as a MASt is a 1 year course that isn't integrated within an undergrad degree.

  2. This study is famously a load of shite.

  3. My biggest issue is that 5Ghz networks aren't supported (wtf google). I'm at uni (can't just config a router) so because of that issue, everything has to go through Bluetooth which is so slow...

  4. Huh I don't notice any practical difference in my speeds between LTE or 5G. Certainly not for web browsing maybe downloads and uploads but web browsing I find them to be on par and sometimes LTE is even better because of 5G limited support.

  5. I'm not on the LTE model :(

  6. Trans person can't get access to medical care gives up. Shocking.

  7. tHE DaTa DoEsN'T LIe ITs FaCTS. ThIs Is HArD EvIdENcE. YoU CaNT DenY THe ScIeNCE


  9. Oh 1200 is impressive I thought it would be like 800 aha. What laptop did you get?

  10. Acer Aspire 5 upgraded to 11th gen i7 & 16Gb of ram. I paid like £200 extra but worth it imo

  11. Anecdotally from observing them: Can't get COVID if you don't get tested

  12. And they’ll leave a bunch of dead people who regret “transitioning”.

  13. There have been plenty of studies on detransitioners. Very few detransition, and they overwhelmingly detransition due to external pressures such as unsupportive families.

  14. Wasn't the legal action stuff literally a DMCA or is that a different thing to this?

  15. I recently returned after playing consistently during the first year of release but not much after that. Getting back into it was pretty tough just because of how standard and wild works now, and just not having access to any meta decks due to all the expansions that have been released while I was gone.

  16. They don't even need the second step. Just detect if a child is in the image and exclude it.

  17. The vast majority of child porn that gets posted to Reddit comes from dumb teens posting themselves in NSFW subs. Teens that come in all shapes and sizes.

  18. After looting 45 trillion not less than 80 yrs ago….

  19. 45 trillion was never looted - the number comes from made up compounding interest over 200 years. Do you really think over 560 billion a year was looted from India for 80 years?

  20. The OP said 80 years. Over 200 years that comes to 225 billion. The GDP of the British empire at the time was roughly the same. Good logic.

  21. Well what do we want natural numbers to describe? I want them to describe quantities of diskrete objects one might have in the natural world. And I currently have 0 apples.

  22. "Pop all the perky, yeah, a halftime

  23. A bunch of uni's fit that description

  24. Hmm is LSE better than Durham? In terms of employability there? I understand LSE allows for networking if I'm not mistaken

  25. For placements into magic circle and top law firms, Durham is 3rd only to Oxford and Cambridge. It's a very good place to study law.

  26. Why does the hardship of someone local matter more than the hardship of someone far away?

  27. Why is it transphobes feel the need to chime in to every bloody discussion just to spew some hate, you’re obsessed.

  28. I'm honestly not sure. Economics definitely gave people a run for their money.

  29. I genuinely think economics is one of the easiest "mainstream" A-levels out there. It's a complete joke of a subject. There's really not much content and once you get good at writing how the markers want you to write, and have good intuition for the subject (which you can develop just by reading around the subject casually), it just becomes a pisstake.

  30. Don't read. No one reads books at uni anyways so it's not the kind of skill they're looking for. Do the maths challenge instead if you can

  31. "No one reads books at uni"

  32. The timings might be iffy, but maybe continue with UKMT - about half my personal statement was about prior olympiad experience and what have you.

  33. This is going to be highly institution dependent, you'll need to ask them.

  34. What I've planned to do is, I will predict my scores based on my performance in STEP and if I do very well, I won't commit to X uni and wait for the results, if not then I'll just go to X uni. I know this is kinda risky, what do you think?

  35. I'm not entirely familiar with the US system so I can't really give any input on that. Hopefully i'll see you there :)

  36. I was thinking that, I had considered it before. Just don't know how I'd go about it as a distance learning student with no one to check it, ask for advice, etc.

  37. If you're a distance learner, doing an EPQ is going to be very difficult as you need a teacher for it, there may be distance learning courses that cover it similar to other A-levels, I haven't checked.

  38. I suppose it's down to personal taste. Personally i'd argue there's little problem solving in either due to the repetitive nature of maths, and physics being more a function of applying memorised knowledge than problem solving.

  39. But in the United Kingdom, men can marry men. Does that mean one is a woman - or both? Women can also marry women...

  40. "where all notable parries are supportive of the LGBT community"

  41. In an ideal world it would be nice if you were right. As I say I don't have a problem with it but I'm sure someone will. Being offended has become a way of life for a lot of people

  42. And yet here you are, getting upset over something that hasn't even happened - you're like, what, getting preemptively upset?

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