Protesters in Key West today (OC)

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This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. I’ve always just liked Bush Sr, I don’t know why he just seemed like a nice guy and with the success of his first term I think I’d vote for him. I’m not sure what Perot could have done if he had become president

  2. I voted for Bush via absentee ballot on my way from Air Force basic training to my tech school. Was sad when Bill won. Always voted Republican until post Illinois primary. I actually voted for Ted Cruz in the primary but went for Hilary in the general.

  3. Just the teacher leading them. Old as hell daughter.

  4. It is so small, they will never find it. Some invasive frog ate it and is going to become the next super hero.

  5. I always grew up thinking the Beach Boys song was called "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran. But it was Barbara Ann.

  6. Wish the person behind him would have drowned him.

  7. So glad I bought 823 cases when it released!

  8. I was working two blocks over at Burger King in the Trolley Stop Casino while this was being filmed.

  9. I thought it would be a lime green color.

  10. As I got off the plane after landing, all of the flight monitors changed arrivals and departures to cancelled. Was lucky to land when we did.

  11. The very second the comments went from PG to X-rated.

  12. Dumb question probably. Would a modified/modern system work to protect from suicide drones, around sensitive targets? Thinking about Ukrainian power stations, utilities, and similar infrastructure. I am sure the cost would be high, but the cost of repairs to these facilities has to be enormous.

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