1. I just find it unfair that they killed off Bill. He commits suicide and we don’t get any interaction with the main story? Where is the dark and depressing part of TLOU?

  2. I totally get this critique!!!! I think doing it another way could’ve been cool!! I’m really only saying this for people who are going “ick boys kissing”

  3. I mean there was a little bit of “ick boys burly bearded men kissing” for me and I think that’s OK. It’s just that I’m straight and two bushy grey beards and matching chest hair like Velcro on shag carpet isn’t my jam. I learned something about myself last night: If I were gay I’d be seeking a more femme partner not another bear. So that five minutes was a little uncomfortable. But like, my wife doesn’t like to watch meat being ground. Doesn’t mean she hates pigs or doesn’t want breakfast.

  4. i have to say i turned to my partner and said “alright somebody’s gotta sacrifice the beard bc the logistics seem difficult”

  5. "My name is Travis Hackett, my brother Chris owns the camp and I know for a fact he isn't there so it's locked up. Just go to the Harbinger Motel."

  6. “hey kids don’t worry, we aren’t trying to hunt you for sport! there’s wild animals out here that we’re trying to protect you from so why don’t you come inside where you’re safe”

  7. “Ok where did he say the harbinger motel was?”

  8. I did the “infect everybody” run the other night and literally no one, including herself, reacted when Abi got bit. Like Dylan immediately jumps to “cut Nick’s leg off” but no even looks at Abi’s bite. I was actually kinda pissed about it. Same with Kaitlyn. After seeing everything you’d think she’d do something about her own bite but nope! Not a thing is mentioned. I like the game but definitely tons of plot holes. It be cool if they came out with an update that fixed some of them.

  9. the craziest thing to me was that on my first play through we were antagonistic to Travis the whole time and missed some tarot cards so we never ended up getting Silas backstory, but the epilogue wasn’t amended so we were like “what the fuck is the white wolf” - seems crazy that they didn’t find a way to route the player to Silas even if Laura + Travis didn’t end up being in cahoots

  10. THIS IS EXACTY HOW I FEEL! I started a movie mode last night and I was like waaaaait…..this game is like Swiss cheese lol. still adore it, and it still has the magic, but there are whole branches of plot that make absolutely no sense

  11. I wouldn’t go that far. I think the writing and character development is better then until dawn tbh. The characters actually interacted with each other unlike UD which there are 5 or 6 parings of characters that never interacted. They also acted more like friends unlike in UD where they were always fighting and not getting along.

  12. didn’t you know that having a smattering of blink-and-you-miss-them allusions to one of the characters being potentially vaguely bisexual is woke

  13. unfortunately it sounds like you’re the sensitive one 😢 get well soon!

  14. I absolutely loved Chapter 7 on my first playthrough. Thought it was “kindve a drag but whatever not that bad” on my 2nd playthrough. Every playthrough attempt after that I just give up because i do not want to suffer through it again. It takes up SO much time.

  15. highly doubt im who you're referring to but i did make a post a few months back about splitting it up and how it could work lol

  16. The only path that gets updated from the jail chapter is whether or not you work together with Travis, so it honestly seems like it would’ve been totally feasible to spread out the storyline in little playable 5 minute pieces. I guess maybe it would’ve just been too complex in terms of programming the story?

  17. the atmosphere and general story in the Quarry is so much better. felt like I was just watching a movie! until dawn feels much more like a game, the writing and acting are incredibly clunky and it’s kinda boring

  18. the Nico Parker hate is extra wild because she actually DOES genuinely look the most like her character in the game…her literal face shape + structure is very on point for Sarah imo!

  19. The set design alone has such amazing attention to detail- they’ve done an incredible job of nailing the universe. Trying not to be too judgmental of the casting till we get a little character development, so far I’m p blown away by Marlene and Joel and pretty ambivalent about everyone else. But they totally have me 100000% hooked and I’m sooooooo excited about it, I’ve replayed Part II multiple times just to be in the visual universe so I’m stoked to be able to get that without having to constantly redo gameplay lol!

  20. “we are being attacked by a swarm of bears/SOS save our ship, come on down and help us” also when Dylan goes “look steampunk is back” and kaitlyn just goes “ew”

  21. as a big Ryan fan my only critique is that I sometimes found his aloofness/ambivalence to be frustrating- i personally love a Super Detached Sarcastic Guy but I’m sure it was pretty annoying for the Jacob apologists among us. i thought Justice did an incredible job and was really impressed by his treatment of the character especially after watching interviews with him where he was incredibly bubbly and warm!

  22. Thing with Ryan and Jacob is canonically, they’re pals but they tend to fight a lot and sometimes physically, part of me feels like they just reused a similar situation in which Matt can attack Mike in UD.

  23. oh yeah no doubt, and i think that relationship makes sense- i just mean for people who prefer characters who fall into that kind of “outlandishly goofy/overly sensitive” Jacob archetype I can see why an understated character like Ryan may not be their fav

  24. Dylan really shocked me by growing on me after I lost him around Chapter 7 (?) my first playthrough, I was like damn this guy really is kind of the secret sauce to this game. Big Ryan fan too, he feels the most believable. I find Kaitlyn to be kind of annoying but big respect to her bc damn if she can’t get shit done

  25. it was such a sick opportunity to go full 80s horror score mode (which they did when they ripped the Nightmare On Elm theme for the menu) and they totally squandered it and ruined a lot of the impact of key moments with horrible needle drops

  26. i almost said “Abigail who” that’s how boring she is

  27. genuinely one of my top ten favorite songs

  28. AND THE TOBY AND YVONNE THING WHAT?!?!?! LIKE WHY?!?! also watch them not actually be dead

  29. I will forever hate how they gave us zero motive for Noel hating the girls.

  30. this, to me, is the funniest part- like him just randomly acting extremely violently on some mysterious narrative about his "relationship" w the girls he made up in his own head??!?!?!! just mad bc he's SO irrelevant

  31. this is absolutely up there with noel kahn chair reveal

  32. I Know You Wanna Kiss Me was my most iconic moment, but I would be lying if I said Noel Khan Hiding Under a Blanket in a Chair wasn’t close to the top lmaoooo

  33. i had to be put on an oxygen tank after Noel Khan Hiding Under A Blanket In A Chair

  34. also loving the like weird character continuity error of spencer having a problem w uppers and then having all this addict conflict w the anti anxiety medication - i'm sure people are into everything but as a former addict i know that when you have a preference you have a preference and spencer is patently NOT a downers girl

  35. LMAO Toby had a whole DMT trip on gummies, I was DYINGG

  36. he straight up blasted off and then passed out

  37. p sure just to save money- maybe the movies are public domain?

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