1. It shouldn't be a setback. I did a 14 day trek in Europe a month before a 50k with 8k of vert. I didn't run at all for 17 days total because of travel and my race was fine.

  2. I used to drive over that bridge on my way to work. Super scenic, but remote part of AZ that most people don’t get to.

  3. Idk if this helps, but going to Nogales Mexico for dental work is so much cheaper than tucson. I went on Saturday for a bad Tooth ache got Scheduled for a root Canal on Feb 4th but got my x-rays done that day for 27$ and got my Prescription from the pharmacy on the same street for I think it was about 30$ because I need medicine till the 4th. They quoted me 300$ for the root canal and gonna repair the root canal that I got done here in tucson that was not done correctly that I paid around 600$ after my insurance deduction.

  4. For camping, I would check what's even available. I made reservations already for Homer, Seward, and a bunch of other places and many are already completely booked in July.

  5. Yeah for sure..some we are looking at are completely first come first serve so we plan to get there just after noon. Others are mostly reservations.

  6. Get there earlier than noon if it's a popular location. I've heard stories of people showing up at 9 am and waiting in line for FCFS spots.

  7. I wouldn't run solo in Yellowstone. I've run in grizzly country plenty of times, but wouldn't do it there. Too many bears and past bear/human conflicts. I'd run on the road there and avoid trails if you have to go solo. If you do go, definitely carry bear spray and know how to use it and make loud noise like yelling or clapping hands. Bears respond to noises that are sharp or human and not so much bells.

  8. If you're a fast runner, the Old Pueblo 50 miler south of Tucson is giving an entry to AC to the 1st and 2nd place finishers for M and F.

  9. No chance but thanks. I'm that guy who finishes mid-pack or later. The one who would probably be faster if I lifted less weights, lost another 5 pounds, and drank a bit less. Built to finish but not winning any races ever.

  10. Ha, I'm the same, but thought I'd throw it out there as I just saw that yesterday that OP50 is now an AC 'golden ticket' race.

  11. I have no experience with building in AK, but I used to be a wetland biologist and dealt with ACOE a lot for residential buildings. If your lot is located on a wetland then a building permit basically triggers the need for an on-site study. That consists of hiring a firm of qualified people to do a wetland delineation to map any wetlands on the lot. Then the report goes to the state and ACOE and they determine whether a permit to build is warranted. You would also likely have to pay into some kind of wetland mitigation bank or expand wetland on a different part of the property. All of this is really expensive. But again, this is my experience in the lower 48. The ACOE requirements would be the same in AK, but it all depends on the need for a building permit.

  12. This is one that I could actually see benefitting from elevation to park status. Not because "its so nice, it deserves to be a park!" as the line of thinking tends to go on this sub sometimes. But because its a landscape specifically under threat by politicians because of migrant activity. Trump would have had a much harder time bulldozing the monument to build a wall if it had been a national park, in my opinion

  13. The designation wouldn't matter cause you still have to do NEPA and Section 106, etc. Even if it was a NP vs a NM, Trump still would have bulldozed through all the cultural sites and wildlife migration areas. They didn't care about the compliance issues.

  14. The proportion of public outcry and awareness that would have been raised had it been an actual national park was more what i had in mind. Not that even that would have mattered, but Trump will not be the last Republican president and future ones may be more capable of shame.

  15. I think due to the location, it's not highly visited so even if it was a NP there wouldn't have been much public outcry. There was recently a proposed project for a mining road that would have gone through Gates of the Arctic NP. It was a big deal and would have been really bad for the park and surrounding land. It was a big deal in Alaska, but outside of that, I doubt many people have heard of the Ambler Road issue.

  16. Look at moving less and try and get monthly rates. We've been full time for almost 2 years and typically move every 1-2 weeks. It's expensive. We never boondock cause our solar isn't quite up to par yet and we need electricity for working during the week. Gas is very expensive and other than campground fees, it's our biggest cost. Weekly rates help, but not all places do that. We recently started doing monthly rates at a couple places and it saves a lot. Also, there's a lot of places in the US and Canada where boondocking spots are tougher to find.

  17. When we got it, it was around $600-700 initially for the equipment and then around $125/month. It's a good option if you plan to spend a decent amount of time in Canada because data plans there are very expensive.

  18. Gates is not something you should do alone. I've done field work in very remote areas west of Gates and there are many grizzlies, tough terrain, fast moving rivers, etc. I've backpacked and hiked in many of the mountains in the lower 48 and Alaska is a different beast.

  19. I definitely agree with you I would never do gates alone. Hoping I meet someone early on in my time their that would be down to go with me :D

  20. Just understand it's very expensive just getting to Gates. You should definitely do it if you have the opportunity. It's a beautiful park.

  21. The Trailer Village at Grand Canyon fits big rigs. I've stayed there multiple times.

  22. How was it? It looks a lot less pleasant than Mather when I look on Google maps

  23. Depends on what you are looking for. We didn't spend much time in the campground as we were hiking/trail running most of the time. We also like having full hook ups. I thought it was nice and I've seen multiple elk from our trailer both times I've stayed there. I haven't been to Mather so I can't compare, but the Trailer Village is right by a shuttle stop so easy access to the rim.

  24. Mountain Dew fan here, although I don't drink it before every long run.

  25. $1k on everything including the $550 payment? Is the property free? You'd probably have to upgrade the solar to be able to run anything if you don't have access to electricity. Propane alone could cost over $100/month in winter. We were paying about $100 in the PNW in Nov/Dec and that's with an electric fireplace. Laundry and other misc things will cost as well. I don't think it's doable.

  26. Sorry I should have been more specific, 1k on trailer expenses, propane, water, septic, payment. The property is about $200 a month but it’s flexible since I’ll be doing some work for him on the side. I have a separate budget for other bills.

  27. Okay, that's probably doable then. Even if you have to drive somewhere to dump/fill, I've never seen it more than $20 USD. You'd probably want to look into leasing a bigger propane tank in winter. Otherwise you'll be filling every few days in winter with the smaller tanks.

  28. I have a coach and I'll never be on a podium. My coach is great and makes specialized plans weekly for me and I've become a better runner and finished several ultras. I find it very beneficial.

  29. What did the coach change about your training?

  30. It's accountability, variability in workouts, and building in rest days and I learned the importance of fueling and resting. It's also someone to talk through issues with regarding niggles, injuries, nutrition issues for races/training, etc. I was never consistent in my training previously and ran an occasional 10k or HM. Now I'm more consistent, faster, and a better trail runner (that probably just comes with repetition cause I used to trip ALL THE TIME).

  31. I see people are suggesting boondocking and that's a great idea, especially with all the public land around AZ. Just beware that agencies in AZ are starting to crack down on the 14 day limit because of issues in popular areas on USFS land. The 14 day limit is for the entire forest/agency area so moving across the street is still technically the same stay.

  32. Dead Horse SP is definitely not a day trip. It's over 5 hours one way from Kanab.

  33. Just FYI, June is generally the hottest month in AZ. If you aren't great with heat I would definitely not do a R2R solo then.

  34. Setup and break down gets quicker the more you do it. We're full time and move frequently because we do it to see new areas. It takes no more than 30 minutes to setup and break down. Some campgrounds have monthly rates and it's much cheaper than nightly or weekly rates.

  35. You can check on the NPS page for up to date info, but the trails are accessible even if the Visitor Center is closed. I was there in November, the VC was closed, and lots of people on the trails. You can also check road conditions on the WSDOT page or app.

  36. Yeah, it was a little short when I ran it, but I didn't care. I think my watch said 61.5 miles. I just figured it was GPS error and never thought about it again.

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