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  1. I’m down with just a performance but if he gets involved that’s cool too.

  2. If you look at the recent show, you'll see what Capaldi is upto, no spoilers.

  3. I’ll take a look. A good choice of artist though.

  4. How is an M1 MacBook trackpad with Parallels running Windows? Does Parallels do anything special to optimize the trackpad’s performance?

  5. What if Bret Hart stayed in 1997 and HBK went to WCW.

  6. Fun fact: Cold Stone owns an ice cream franchise that lets you select your mix ins and for a tip will sing to you.

  7. I subscribe to Carrot and DayOne. They keep adding new features. Without the subscriptions there would be no reason to make the app better. Most people who want the app already have it. So it would just stagnate.

  8. I like Sawyer and Phantom giving the recap.

  9. No problem. I’m working through it myself.

  10. Same thing happened to me on Sunday. Still locked. No email from them. Called on Sunday and they said it was some issue with people whose emails end in Curious if your email does (mine does).

  11. Mine was fixed last night. Hope yours was as well

  12. Glad you posted. I just checked and it appears mine is working now. Didn't receive any notice about it nor did I have to reset my password. Hope this is over with.

  13. I received no notice as well. My mom noticed when her Kindle came back to life.

  14. They don’t always send the email. I had the same thing happen saying to check the email but I never got one. I called customer service and they verified that I hadn’t received an email and said they would get back to me in 1-2 days. That was Saturday. I haven’t heard anything since. I’m locked out of everything. Alexa, audible, app, etc…

  15. I am having this issue also. I’ve contacted a local news station in the hopes that’ll they do one of the regular “fight for the little person” segments (this one is 8 On Your Side). Big companies have no desire to help customers. I see it every night. They ignore the customer until Shannon calls lol.

  16. Oh not this again. Ugh! I’m just used to doing “its”. I’ll go back and fix it. :)

  17. You could do a Brothers in Arms redux or something with Constantine and Channing. Maybe add a third person. Spencer perhaps.

  18. Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau if you read the article

  19. And since I don’t have a subscription to the linked article the headline is all I had to go by. So thank you for the added context.

  20. I’d absolutely vote for him. Dude is the perfect candidate. Has enough celebrity clout to drum up support, is very analytical and wants to get to the bottom of issues and is willing to talk to opposers, and he’s not afraid to admit when he’s wrong or when things are broken.

  21. I’d love it but politics is a dirty game. It’s more likely politics would drag him down rather than he lift it up.

  22. I see the resemblance but his charisma is too low for my vision of Miro. 61 is not good in this game. But after further study the 83 I gave him was too generous. He’s a step below Cena so an 80 is probably right, maybe a bit lower.

  23. Yep. And he’s done great with almost every character they’ve given him. He made foreign menace work in 2015 (Cena helped too and of course Lana). Rusev Day was getting pretty big and his Redeemer character has been great him. Only his “Best Man” character flopped, which is probably the closest to him on real life. The WWE dropped the ball on him. He wouldn’t have been on Roman’s level but he could have been a major player. But AEW has him now so all is well.

  24. Use the Razor - HBK template as a guide. You already did the anti company rant (HBK was “suspended” off camera so kinda the same). Find a face you want to elevate and put the interim title on him.

  25. They're fine persecuting others, it's only when people are mean to them that they think it's wrong.

  26. It’s also thematically appropriate. Puritans moved here to escape religious persecution just to do the same when they set up shop in Massachusetts Bay.

  27. I just read about him. I don’t think “RPG author” is in the top 5 of his bio. Lol. Just wow.

  28. If/until there are actual consequences, it doesn't really matter to him. He's skated his way out of a DUI and into a congressional seat, mostly thanks to his family, connections, and money. The longer he goes, the more brazen he gets because nobody stops him.

  29. Yes, its fun to be untouchable. I suspect he wants people to know he won’t face any consequences.

  30. Funny that Republicans are on a pedo hunt yet show no interest in this guy. You know, an actual pedo.

  31. You mean the skills or the toggles (superstar look, menacing, cool factor)?

  32. Superstar look means the wrestler is muscular or good looking or looks like a star. Think the Rock, Roman Reigns, Hulk Hogan in his prime. The default universe hands this one out quite liberally so if you want a wrestler to really have that look add some charisma to her or him (in EWR, this game’s obvious inspiration, they had a “diva” attribute for the ladies along with these but I assume superstar look covers both now).

  33. When I do part two of my tips on creating wrestlers here is the example of trying to model a real life wrestler. I picked Lex Luger because he has a couple of characteristics I wanted to show how I would model in game.

  34. I was watching the PPV when Owen passed away. When JR said “its my unfortunate duty …” I knew.

  35. Ok grammar bot. I’ll fix it lol. Happy it’s only one. ;)

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