1. She's been like this for YEARS now. Wanting to be "private" and withholding more as the years went by. All while getting on Kourts case and pressuring her. And all while Khloe is out here sharing every little detail, ups and downs, regarding her and Tristan's relationship.

  2. Lmao 😂 It just keeps getting worse 😭

  3. Omg this gif 😂 that's a cute dog 🐕 💀

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  5. Yeah.I saw that same story, it's Justine, Hailey, and Obj.......but I never saw Devin

  6. He’s there, that’s him in front of OBJ on his left. You can clearly see his very recognisable forehead on the glasses

  7. Oh, your meaning the reflection! 😂 Yeah, does look like him. 🧐

  8. So your saying Khloe mentioned the reason for choosing a surrogate was because she had a medical issue that couldn't allow her to give birth??

  9. Maybe Kris and Robert didn't slam each other, and Kim appreciated it.

  10. Yeah, I think it's more along those lines. Kim has always said that she appreciates Kris and Roberts relationship after their divorce and how they handled that and coparented.

  11. I think the tone of how she said made everyone react the way they did. I wish Kim would have conveyed her message clearer and explained why she said that statement. But the tone was really off and rubbed people the wrong way. I find this in most interviews with them — the answers can be too vague and then the public make assumptions.

  12. Yes! It was her tone that played a part too ! She said it very snotty,almost judgemental, and it instantly rubbed people the wrong way.

  13. I think being a mom really, really changed her by giving her such a tangible thing money can't buy. That love is like no other. So humbling. I cry when I think about how my boy will be three in about 2½ months, and I just love him. I love being needed and it really changed my life for the better. Got me out of the strip club and off of drugs. I always look forward to seeing my son when he gets home from preschool and always hope that even though I'm doing my best, I always hope he remembers the good times and not me at a moment I might be temporarily frustrated. Motherhood humbles the best of us and puts a little more empathy in our hearts, touching our lives in a way that we cannot do on our own. It takes the magic of a little baby being yours to make life wonderful and worth living again. Money can make life easier, but there's no hole filled by motherhood money could ever touch. I really like what I see out of Kylie as a mom. She seems like...more at peace in her inner world. I'm happy for her. I hope it really is as happy for her as I hope it to be. ❤️

  14. 🥹 you talking about your child melted my heart. I feel the same. Isn't it lovely knowing that you have this little small human version of you, who depends on you,loves you unconditionally, and looks up to you like your the greatest thing on earth? Nothing can ever compare.

  15. The puffy face and the pouty lips(both from filler) make her face look really bad.

  16. Literally none of us are MAD at HER for her tax breaks.

  17. Literally. OP made the discussion more personal than what it was, and got defensive REAL quick when you were only asking valid questions and trying to understand perspective and opinion.

  18. It’s just getting REALLY tiring hearing this bullshit ideology that billionaires are horrible people who should give all of their money away, when they’re the ones creating jobs/ expanding the US economy and keeping us in the super power category, internationally. There is a reason America is not, and will never be Ukraine, or North Korea. It’s exhausting trying to educate people who have all of these opinions without offering any substantial contribution to society. It’s annoying. I’m so tired of it. Like just stfu and go to your 9-5 and stop bitching about something you could never achieve yourself.

  19. They come off like such mean girls. When it comes to Kourtney, I feel like she's actually grown over time (as far as being bitchy or whatever.) But Khloe and Kim still just seem so catty.

  20. Yeah, like high school mean girls. These are 2 fully grown women acting like this. Like, How embarrassing. Kourts over it and probably has done the inner work to fully see through everyone's bs to not even partake in it or entertain it.

  21. Maybe we just have different definitions of shade.

  22. ..... Sure I suppose, Whatever explanation works for you 🤷‍♀️👍🏼

  23. The same reason they hang onto Scott. He cheated, talked shit about Kourtney behind her back, was upset at Kourtney for getting pregnant with Reign, destroyed an hotel room, stuffed money in a service worker’s mouth and dates teenagers but y’all don’t mind him being around. Now all of a sudden it’s an issue when it’s about Khloe and Tristan…

  24. Yeah, I never agreed with them hanging onto Scott either. It's weird. Like that person up above said, Tristan is the new scott. It's weird af.

  25. Girl what? Kanye rapped about cheating on Kim and once she filed for divorce he went on a whole media brigade bashing her and Kris. Like the man said Kim was trying to kidnap Chicago because he wasn’t invited to her bday party. Mind you he was the one who told Kim he was going to plan something of his own for Chi’s bday. As soon as Kim started dating Pete, Kanye mocked him damn near everyday and made jokes about Pete killing himself.

  26. Did you read my first sentence. Yes, Kanye AND Caitlyn both suck. Still doesn't explain why they hang onto Tristan like he's some prized possession. Khloes excuse is always that "Tristan is family. He's trues dad" That man literally had a baby with someone else and cheated on you while pregnant!! That's crazy!!

  27. It’s also not okay when you ask your sisters to put boundaries on your ex and to support you on a lot of other things, and they haven’t done. Maybe Kourtney doesn’t accept that Khloe had another baby by Tristian, who hurt Khloe?

  28. Then why is it okay to validate Khloe's feelings but not Kourtney's in this situation considering she was referring to everyone?

  29. In my original comment I was saying how I can see why Khloe stated that "love bubble " comment. It's clear Kourt is in the puppy dog phase and that's cool and all, happy for her, but it's so easy to be swept up in a love haze and forget everyone around you exists. So she should try to reach out more to her sisters. And vice versa. They all should be making that effort mutually.

  30. The No Cap killed me 💀 lmao 🤣

  31. Whatever that is on her waist , it's distracting. She looks cute otherwise.

  32. She sounds different - I wonder if she’s just trying to speak loudly over the fountains? Kind of sounds like she’s half shouting a bit?

  33. She does sound loud in comparison to the interviewer. Also, shes ending every sentence almost like she's asking a question lol. Super high pitched towards the end. So weird.

  34. Midterms? She’s not in actual law school, so I don’t understand how she has midterms? Any lawyers here to explain?

  35. We need a lawyer or student, anyone who knows about this stuff , up in here ! Lol cause I'm equally as confused.

  36. The first pic is how my barbie doll looked like after I accidentally got gum stuck in her hair 😩

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