1. You trying to act like people never had criticisms of bosses before Elden Ring? A lot of what is shown in that image isn't even accurate either. Just kind of a lazy little spout of truthiness I guess. Eh.

  2. It's about as accurate as any boss criticism on this sub

  3. Need to be more clear. Does dungeons in Elden Ring include legacy dungeons or are we just talking about catacombs?

  4. Catacombs, caves, mines, hero graves and the 5 optional castles (sol, morne,shaded,carian manor and redmane castle)

  5. These games are 10+ years apart. I don’t think it’s a fair comparison.

  6. Dungeons in both of these games are so simple they could have easily been made in the 90s

  7. Why does everyone have to be an a-hole about this ? I asked a genuine question and all i get is either people saying fromsoft are lazy and they don't care

  8. because your standard isn’t aligning with reality. this is a single player game that had an invasion mode to innovate and now is stuck trying to keep pvp working because PVPers keep the game alive. “balance” goes as far as making sure people don’t feel bad for using a non-op weapon.

  9. She wasn't before she was nerfed. I still have PTSD from her. Absolute toughest boss out there by far. Now she is kinda easy. :/

  10. I'm fairly certain she was nerfed a while ago. I'll fact check.

  11. The only way she ever got "nerfed" is when they removed a bug that made her heal without having to hit you

  12. I'm dumbfounded lmao , i really can't tell if you're trolling or are really asking. Are you 12 ?

  13. No I am 11 yearsold (I think idk I was born in 2001 but I'm not sure about that)

  14. Yeah okay you're trolling, it's not funny, get a life lmao.

  15. Can't use both a spell weapon buff and a grease buff z you'd have to choose one.

  16. The world built in Uncharted is very different than TLOU. Adventure games couldn't progress because adventures IRL are dangerous, need planning, training, and some times several tries. If, for example, characters would stop to think about the odds of jumping to that rock, to follow a path in the highest mountain (BTW wearing a sweater), well, you are gonna need a lot of plot armor.

  17. Well that's kind of the point, I'm not saying the writing makes the uncharted games worse (except for sometimes when it does) I'm saying they wrote a serious game the same way they wrote a much less serious one and while for uncharted this didn't matter much, it's painful to see here.

  18. They nerfed bloody slash what other balance changes do you need lol tbh im sure they're working on it, they are probably gonna put out a huge patch not only balancing a ton of things but also hopefully adding dedicated pvp arenas. I sure as hell wouldn't expect anything soon tho and I'm just gonna not really play until they address the problems because playing online is in such a bad state

  19. lol From doesn't play your silly social media games and yall think its dead :p

  20. Hey guy your wrong I'm sorry. ER is dope but not really better, that's subjective.

  21. You guys are just assuming I agree with them as well. C'mon I like them all but my favorite is obviously ds1 I use to play w yami tamashi and sunlight blade. So memories beat game design yk

  22. No no no, Not assuming anything just asking you to be fair.

  23. Definitely their best game yet , but i wish some of the early game bosses had more health.

  24. It was disappointing to me, only in the sense that my expectations were so high. I was hoping for clearly their best game, their magnum opus, the greatest game ever…

  25. for me it better combat wise. but I am an all day sucker for open worlds and shields.

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