1. Is it the SDK we have been clamoring for? I thought Lightspark announced their SDK, not Flexa.

  2. Yep. Flexa failed to produce one so they are now using someone else's.

  3. Seems to me they are using Flexa's SDK

  4. There was another question somewhere else asking almost the same thing with dimensions close to the Travelpro Roundtrip (which is what I also have). From what I can tell, it sounds like you should be OK so long as your flight isn't full.

  5. Good looking out ! I ended up returning the travelpro and got calpak instead. 😁

  6. Why would you even want to try with a bag that fails on 3/3 dimensions and can’t compress? Those are typical limits for most airlines.

  7. Because I already own it and would prefer not buying another one. Doesn't hurt to ask.

  8. "Toaster is broken and I'm pissed. I'm lack toast intolerant."

  9. Is this the official ampera artwork or is it created by a community member?

  10. Man, this feels so sketch to me. I wish it wasn't an xyz domain.

  11. All legit. Nothing fishy here I don't play like that

  12. Tell your professor about AMP. You'll get extra credit

  13. I'm voting against it. (Unless there will be a sufficient answer to that question)

  14. Tamam. It's vegan I believe but their pita falafel is probably some of the best in the city. Highly recommend trying it out. (Pocket friendly)

  15. Way too old. Clubbing is for 21/22 year olds only.

  16. If you're gonna exclude BUSD, might as well exclude GUSD. Both depegged and have got back to a dollar. Seems a bit biased to me but BUSD should also be on the list.

  17. Sorry about the extra notifications. I tried posting a graphic… twice…, and it didn’t work lol. Anyway, are you all upstate? Because circa 2021 New York Jews are still blue and Bibi is a not popular at all with democrats. It could explain the divide.

  18. Upper east side. Yes it's true many are blue voters here but you still have a very big community that votes red and like bibi. I went to Baruch college, and many of the Jews there were red voters. But also many blue voters. Some of my neighbors are pro bibi, some aren't. But my point is, there are plenty who don't hate him here.

  19. Aw, we were too poor for the upper East side, but I have good memories there nonetheless. It’s lovely. My granddad lived in the lower east side before I was born, and we’d always go back to the one remaining Turkish coffee place (which probably closed down 🙁). That area was one of the few places with sephardic food in NYC!

  20. Haha yea no hard feelings at all! A lot of places closed especially during COVID. But many new places opened up. Worth visiting again just to try the different foods 😃

  21. First time seeing these. Look pretty good, though don’t know how it can claim to be vegetarian when it has eggs? Anyone try these?

  22. Eggs are not meat. They are indeed vegetarian. They don't claim this to be vegan.

  23. Good to know he had no right and there was no one around. As I said I would’ve moved out of the way of others and was not blocking the sidewalk. Also, pretty sure deli’s wouldn’t be too happy if I was eating food not obtained there.

  24. You didn't need to listen to that doorman. He has no authority over who can and cant sit on a sidewalk.

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