1. Seems like providing valuable services to the black market is hardly taking advantage of them. Every drug dealer and prostitute I know takes CashApp.

  2. I cant believe it took this long for people to figure this out.

  3. Didnt everyone know? As long as CashApp isnt breaking the law, getting drug dealers and prostitutes to pay a fee to withdraw their.money, and to let you hold their.money at 0% is a great business model.

  4. Did the 10-99k go into effect? I know it was supposed to have a box to check off if money made was from illegal activity.

  5. Has to be AI because I’ve never seen that soy boy gun grabber shoot a gun

  6. Fuck trump. I hope he suffers immensely for his crimes.

  7. Depending on your companies AD you can have someone logged onto 2 devices with the same windows account.

  8. We have a special OS for our industry we have to log into after logging into windows. I’ll have to look into logging onto two devices through windows.

  9. Do you think using Go to my pc maybe something they are using?

  10. bring your Trump Flags, Trump Shirts, Trump Hats, Trump Signs, Trump Bullhorns, and Trump Depends for a long day standing around outside of my mansion - bathroom service not provided.

  11. Karting is even more pay to win than cars and Piastri wasn’t exactly loaded at this point

  12. Just curious, does anyone know what his family did for money?

  13. Does anyone else get the vibe that the same.people who make these homoerotic pictures would call people slurs for being LGBTQ?

  14. And if you question them you will get the I’m not gay, you’re gay

  15. When you tell them you’re fine but deep inside you’re not fine

  16. He didn’t say as bad as an alien invasion on July 4th

  17. My psa 223 wylde shoots better than my expensive builds. Especially with their own aac ammo. If you havent picked some up, i suggest you do.

  18. AAC ammo is definitely punching above it’s weight for the cost of it

  19. Which driver is a part of the furry and bronie community?

  20. Now son you don’t need 10mm it can’t even win a turf war. You need to build it in 45 acp. Knock down power and two world wars /s

  21. what’s next? we find out Russian mobsters were laundering money through Trump’s condos?? /s

  22. The only political stance seems to be "owning the libs".

  23. Together we stand, divided we fall -Roger Waters, Hey You

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