1. Take him in the first then man. Then return to this post one year from now and say sorry to me for not following good advice.

  2. Damn, did Gary sleep with Nates wife? I'm not sure how he came to the foregone conclusion Gary didn't/wouldn't win.

  3. Wandale was at least looking like a legit threat. Kyren, well I struck out on that hype train

  4. Meh. We need to win a playoff game to be considered rich.

  5. Nah you can't coach against missed holding calls

  6. ... but you can coach special teams. 2 return tds is laughable

  7. Dobbs really threw the ball like 8 yards short of the sticks for the final play. Goddamn, he's bad.

  8. Nowhere to go. Receiver didn’t come open till after the throw. Receivers just sat at the sticks and waited.

  9. No he had time to hit the the curl coming into the middle. But it was an anticipation throw in which he just didn't have the experience to make

  10. That's how it should always be. Let the play finish and figure it out later. I saw a lot of that in the world cup

  11. I didn't know he had altitude sickness?

  12. Lungs are not working well. You get flipped on your stomach to allow blood to flow through the lungs easier and pick up oxygen more efficiently.

  13. Games were canceled due to Covid, games get canceled due to weather, players get injured mid-game every single week. It's an extremely unfortunate finish but I don't see how this isn't the most logical solution here.

  14. Seriously. Everyone's fine with a player getting zero if they get injured the first play. It's a freak situation but no different. Just fantasy

  15. Fantasy leagues is the least of the worries. The playoff schedules and seeding is what I’m curious to see how they work it.

  16. Yea no way they go that short amount of time before calling it. I've gone 40+ minutes on geriatrics

  17. The kid put together some terrible final drives earlier this season when the game was on the line and the defense was giving him the opportunities he needed to step up and show his poise. He's clearly learned from those experiences and grown and has shown that he can make big plays when it counts

  18. Yea. I've been more than happy with him as a Steelers fan. Seems to be learning from his growing pains. He may not ever have top 5 QB counting stats but he doesn't need those if he's got ice cold dawg in his veins.

  19. This Mike Evans game is a great example that fantasy is all luck.

  20. I think it takes skill to consistently make it the playoffs. After that though it's a crapshoot

  21. It's a thread about Harbaughs last 6 years sooo

  22. In the last 6 years Jim harbaugh has 2 big 10 titles, in Michigan states entire history they have 3

  23. Your guys are way better. I just thought his comment was warranted.

  24. Refs would've gotten pelted if they called that targeting and completely ignored the illegal forward pass

  25. Right? Is everyone just forgetting the illegal forward pass?

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