1. Gaaawd I bet it was some of the purest cleanest dope you could find too. Way before all the additives and cutting agents. You can’t fuck with that stuff now, but back then? Why not!

  2. Yeah except they were still soaking the cocaine leaves in toxic solvents like gasoline so it’s never “clean” lol

  3. That's not how chemistry works, just because something scary sounding was used during a step in production doesn't mean that any of it ends up in the final product.

  4. You’re right I’m sure pure cocaine was super clean

  5. I had an Uber driver casually do this in Miami like it was just a normal action

  6. If that girl in the pants had any sort of strength this woulda been over really fast, but her muscles are brought to you by Starbucks.

  7. What are the chances a worker at the same facility I'm posting about shows up to comment 😂 thank you so much honestly!

  8. Departed from facility is probably meaning it’s going to another warehouse and is sitting in a trailer waiting to get scanned again. Your next notification will likely say “on package car” or “out for delivery”. The holiday weekend backed a lot of stuff up

  9. The cops are obviously being a bunch of assholes in this case and definitely should face some sort of repercussions for it, but they’re unfortunately within their right. The fourth amendment doesn’t apply when it comes to motor vehicles. There’s an exception regarding probable cause and no need for a warrant for search. This case it sucks.

  10. Not bad for a starter fish, the 8lb club is when you’ve made it though, 12lbs and I’ll buy ya a beer

  11. If you don’t mind driving a little bit, Mariachi De Oro in Medina is excellent. Honestly haven’t found a place that competes with it.

  12. I might swap the American slice for some provolone, but hell yeah great idea

  13. Shoutout to the worker in the background with the shit eating grin the whole time lmao

  14. I shall cross post there multiple times a day till it catches fire. Great work and god speed

  15. I see yelling BEHAVE at them did nothing. Totally thought that would’ve stopped them in their tracks.

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