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  1. Line started at the register. Wrapped around the store lol. Walked the entire store just to get back where I needed to be. Oh and 4 years ago had a stroke at this same store. Same experience this time minus the stroke thank God.

  2. I heard he was innocent and a disgruntled employee accused him. May need to fact check that though not totally sure

  3. This is so fkin funny I can't even comment what I think.ill sit and watch and come back in a year.

  4. Yeah but you can't leverage on a loan from your wife's boyfriend

  5. Well a simple check in trend micro flags it as dangerous !domain

  6. FYI, I think the bot that fetches the domain information is still out of commission (someone informed me it recently went haywire)

  7. North Carolina 💎 crew checking in 😄

  8. For a short the bankrupcy thesis is max profit. Is this off the table with all we know? Not 100%. In case a shorty comes to the conclusion it might be off the table he will try to get out of his position whenever he thinks is the best moment, so it could happen we get no end of month announcement or the announcement does not fulfill expectations (which are damn high by now).

  9. Good perspective.. I feel confident but we will see.

  10. Tried an android and it worked 😁

  11. It's not just you, Ive seen a lot of people say the same thing over the past week here. :( Apparently it's an IOS only issue. If you have access to an android, try there.

  12. It worked on android thanks!

  13. No one knows. Everyone commenting is giving an opinion that is likely wrong. You’re welcome.

  14. It's amazing how many people don't change their smoke detector batteries. Apex has taught me this is a normal thing,I guess 🤣

  15. Where my Hemlock gang at!?

  16. Happened to me many times. Have to take everything out of the box and it will disappear. Been happening since beta

  17. I make 16/hr with 20 yrs of experience in pizza and restaurants. Too bad all the good paying restaurants here are filled up.

  18. Mostly speaking on facts. I assume many "wife's tales" got started like this

  19. Everyone tells them but I don't think most people think about how one sentence can stay with someone their whole life. I've seen so many examples and corrected people on things others have told them incorrectly in the past.

  20. I’ve never even thought of holding shoot on the wingman. It’s a single fire weapon and should be used like one

  21. Mozambique and p2020 are very undervalued. Especially if you get a hopup early game I'd prefer them over anything

  22. That is the wrong ticker. It’s DFKGOLD. You can find it here:

  23. Wow you’re completely right I’m dumb. Definitely not trying to spread mis info my apologies

  24. No problem.. it is a little confusing with that ticker name..

  25. I’m in the same boat it’s been a few hours now…

  26. Ugh I can imagine what you guys go through. I’m not a dasher but when I order small orders I alway tip minimum 100 percent. Can’t imagine how people actually tip less than 5 or don’t tip.

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