1. I’m surprised they allowed you to do this you gave them permission to use the car. It’s not a crime to contact there lawyer

  2. If this is the back of your Xbox I can’t imagine how filthy your house is

  3. Don’t put your balls in a microwave to get marijuana card so you can smoke weed.

  4. Next time you have a party have everyone take off shoes

  5. Damn she must be a whale to be looking for a whale penis

  6. If you order 6 sleeves use the code GIFTVERTUO22 for a free sleeve

  7. Unless the wheel is locked up your fine to drive it

  8. Call tow company for the lot for illegal parked car

  9. Hey there, have you tried picking up those little packets of broths with little pieces of meat? Several different brands. I've heard that wet food is essential for male cats, so now my boy gets offered fresh wet food 2-3 times a day. Iirc, cat's usually don't drink too much water on their own, so wet foods/lickable broths are the go-to. I hope this helped.

  10. One does not keep car stock unless they are a square

  11. That’s gotta have a unique sound when you hit a bump

  12. I was surprised when I’ve found that he’s the kid from Mid 90s movie.

  13. It’s all done and over with. You’re right though I should have tried for a new one. Took me months to find a coupe SI in this color though.

  14. Did they check strut mounts to see if anything got pushed over or damaged?

  15. Yeah, this happened back in 2020 I’ve put almost 40k miles on the car with no issues since it happened. I was just flipping through my pictures and thought I’d share it here.

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