1. what’s the point of playing bedrock edition? java is way better and offers more customization with mods etc

  2. Bedrock works on more platforms, so more of my friends get to join in.

  3. Java edition runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, and any other hardware/OS with native 3D extensions for the JVM. If you have the RAM, CPU, and bandwidth, any of them can host a game that all of the others can join.

  4. 🙄 I play with a controller because it works better for me.

  5. I keep wondering if there is any reason to use a std::array instead of a raw array. With std::size, std::begin, & std::end; I’m not really seeing any benefit to std::array. It is a bit easy to declare as a parameter to a function, but that’s about it.

  6. Well it's a container, you can call algorithms on it and it gives you protection against wrong access. I see some advantages, even though I usually use a vector anyway.

  7. All the algorithms work on raw arrays just as well as on std::array. (That’s one of the keys behind the STL design…that it builds on the way arrays already worked.) The only extra protection that std::array gives you is if you use std::array::at, which is widely considered a mistake that people recommend against using, and you can easily write a free at template that would work with arrays if you did want to use it.

  8. I’d rather they just get rid of the limit, if not the work penalty altogether.

  9. Using scanf’s %s without a maximum field width leaves you open to buffer overflow. You should get into the habit of never doing that.

  10. I find this completely pointless without enforcement. In all the organizations I’ve been in, it would need to be banned because…

  11. So, here's the deal. The company has two options here to keep the Quest 1 users running:

  12. It is entirely possible to write code that would support the Q2 fully while still supporting the Q1. Choosing not to do that is a valid decision, but they absolutely have that option.

  13. Official support for Bedrock on macOS and Oculus Quest.

  14. The Fantasy Trip or At Close Quarters (a 3rd party system for Traveller) might be my top choices for fun combat system.

  15. I’d suggest looking for Old Guy’s bedrock iron farms on YouTube. When it comes to iron farms, I’ve found his more reliable than Silent’s.

  16. But human fighter is the most challenging class: You don’t have any special abilities to fall back on.

  17. If you imagine a continuum from computer game through board game, through roleplaying game to “Let’s pretend”… On the one end you typically have a closed set of well-defined rules. On the other hand you have open-ended and almost no rules beyond, perhaps, some implied conventions.

  18. Because I feel more comfortable running a setting I made up than someone else’s. It is no easier to keep track of all the facts about someone else’s setting. It’s harder because I first have to learn them.

  19. Nobody knows what’s going to happen. Even the people behind Carbon are only calling it an experiment at this point. We’ll have to wait and see.

  20. Funny they don't mention Apple's Swift here as that is one of the most obvious analogies to what there are doing here with Carbon. Apple had failed repeatedly to offer alternatives to Objective-C. Then they designed a language specifically to make interoperability with Objective-C seamless. That was a great solution. I could port just individual files from ObjC to Swift, recompile and check that everything still worked.

  21. Why can't we get a language which targets C and C++ programmers that has a syntax which is mostly like the language they are looking to replace? I guess D is the closest thing to that but it also has not taken off.

  22. C++ is very hard to parse. It looks to me like most of their syntax changes are simply designed to make parsing easier rather than to just be different.

  23. I want to use HTTP in a way that best fits the problem being solved instead of adhering to anyone’s “proper way”. So if I know I’m talking to someone who has an opinion about what REST means, I never use the word “REST”. If I’m talking to someone who only knows REST as a buzzword, I’ll use the word “REST” to release their buzzword endorphins and gain their support.

  24. My issue with the recovery compass is that by the time I get one, I already have all the infrastructure to quickly replace my gear if it is lost and probably already have a backup set ready. To me the recovery compass would be much more useful early game.

  25. The irony is that this merely means that kids go seeking this list so they can figure out why the innocent words they’re trying to use get censored and what else they have to avoid. Instead of “protecting” kids from these words, they’re increasing incentive for them to learn them.

  26. Remember that it better to spoil a surprise than to seem unfair.

  27. For me, the solo in Cult of Personality wouldn’t be appropriate in any song.

  28. If a player has the foresight to specify that their character tries to position itself outside a possible AoE, then their character, if possible, will be outside the AoE. This doesn’t have to be too specific. It could be as simple as, “We spread out as much as possible.” Which may be followed up with some info about what is possible, what choices there might be, and such clarification.

  29. I understand why the two standards do that, but I don't understand the consequences. Is &std::fclose or &::fclose allowed? The former probably not, the latter maybe, but I don't speak sufficient legalese to know for sure.

  30. I’d assume that if you’re writing C++, the C++ rule applies even to functions that originated from the C library.

  31. Half the time I just hand-wave it and ignore languages.

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