1. I never got to see pong machines when I was a kid because by then everyone had a Nintendo. I remember seeing pong machines in the early 90s at garage sales and flea markets. I should have got one when they used to be cheap.

  2. You know this game is a piece of cake, all you need is a little technique and you could literally destroy everyone, when I was younger I thought this game was so hard man, and now playing it, I thought I was tripping, I was like, “I swear this game nerfed itself somehow”, but I just got really good at it recently. I haven’t played this game for over a decade and I just made my return not too long, so I guess I’m not bad for someone who came out of retirement 😂 my personal record for destroying a HARD CPU is 56 seconds

  3. Geez and I thought I just sucked lol. Tomorrow I'll continue my no mercy game and see if I can continue to unlock stuff.

  4. I actually have a new record for beating HARD cpu, it’s 52 seconds 😆😆

  5. Don't forget about WCW vs the world for PS1. 🙂

  6. Oh I didn't forget lol, It's the worst of the AKI wrestling games since all the others are so much better

  7. I respect your opinion but I still love it. It's better than WCW nitro lol

  8. $600 is not enough. And it is (or will be) set to expire. And there are folks who don't (or won't) get it.

  9. I could use any money right now 800 a month would cover all of my bills

  10. Settling for not good enough is how we keep getting not good enough.

  11. I have the WWF legends 2.1 no mercy mod. It works great but can't the wrestler themes and commentary working. I have the themes and commentary in the right folder but there must be something I'm missing.

  12. I forgot I had downloaded WWF legends 2.1 a year or so ago and forgot about it. I looked on my external hard drive and it was there.

  13. I would love to download if that is ok with you.

  14. I like RetroArch for the most part. I just can't get PlayStation 1 working. I have the correct bios files and whatever game I play the it's slow and stuttery.

  15. If I had 1000 dollars a month that would cover all of my bills and I would have a bit left over too. I also could take better jobs instead of taking the first one I get.

  16. I guess no one else remembers that thing where Randy Orton gently rested his leg on the back of his opponents head, then spun himself into a front face bump. I think it was called the overdrive?

  17. I was 4 in 1986 so I don't remember a lot but I know it was on TV and in the newspaper and my parents were talking about it.

  18. This is what every employee of McDonald's needs to do. Strikes make things happen. 🙂

  19. The only way I got past that sewer jump was learning the clip code to walk through the building on the overworld / map about 20 years later after failing countless times as a kid. I always thought I was missing something until the internet confirmed it is impossible.

  20. That is what I read too, you put in a code and you can skip that part.

  21. I wish DOS had this game and tecmo super bowl. DOS didn't get a whole lot of basketball games.

  22. Very nice. I love Addams family pinball.

  23. That is a classic one. Decades later I was able to snag all the WCW clash of the champions in excellent quality along with many shows and ppvs. 🙂

  24. I started really watching wcw in January of 1998. I later learned I missed a whole bunch of great stuff that had occured prior to then.

  25. Like it doesn’t download or start downloading?

  26. What I mean is that I can download a torrent but it won't seed properly as in upload.

  27. Sometimes with older torrent files it takes a while for your ratio score to improve and for someone to leech onto your seeding.

  28. I'm glad it worked for you. I just wish somebody would have download all those restored nitros and threw then up on internet archive. Oh well.

  29. Any console emulator possible to be added or us there restrictions as to which ones can and which can't? I'm sure software version of mini console would be a restriction cuz the console has to be able to handle the emulator

  30. It seems your very confused about RetroPie. I will try and help you as best I can.

  31. Im fairly good with electronics and understand that your limited to what programing and software can handle. My console was presetup when I bought it but now I've gotten to the point where I wanna makes some changes to it. If I boot up the console and go to the console settings it will tell me which version I have right? I guess I'm asking how do I find the information I need to know so that i know what it can and can't do. That's a bummer to hear that no pi can run those ones. I was hoping xbox was possible. If I'm understanding your statement the limitations to which games can be played isn't just dictated by whether the console is there. There are games that just can't be used period?

  32. The PI itself doesn't have the beefy hardware to play more modern games. I can't check at the moment but the console settings should tell you what version of the pi you are running.

  33. Yeah, I've only ever played NM retrospectively. Again, it's a great game (fantastic roster, backstage areas, match types, weapon variety, etc.) with TONS of replayability. I'm a sucker for branching story paths. It's just incredibly frustrating, too much to rank it higher.

  34. I just can't get far in NM story mode. If I am lucky I can maybe get to the 4th match or 5th match and then I give up lol.

  35. No Mercy is great, but it has its flaws. Mainly it's difficulty. That game gets insanely fucking brutal, too hard for my smooth brain and fragile ego to handle.

  36. I agree with no mercys difficulty. I have it on my RetroPie and I couldn't unlock anything so I asked for help on Reddit and some cool person gave me a save file that has most of the hard stuff unlocked already.

  37. I have this and it's fun. I play it via dosbox.

  38. I am not sure if it is a REDUMP copy, neither vimm or emulatorgame rom works. I wonder if I get the original game if the emulator will play.

  39. I can't get duckstation to work on my windows 7 laptop so I can't test the emulator.

  40. And does the PAL version works on epsxe? In mine just completely blows

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