1. That’s really not a bad price, all things considered. Thanks for passing along the recommendation! I’ll call them tomorrow

  2. Hello, I was wondering if you all got this solved?

  3. Well she knows who feels guilty and is suffering at the time.

  4. But there was a scene where Vecna was choosing his next victim on his own, going through random ppl's thoughts and emotions, and I remember seeing an old lady

  5. Ugh, sorry to hear. I'm in the same exact boat! A lot of the other threads I've seen (or even on twitter), they were able to at least contact support. You're the first person I've seen that had also not been able to contact support. I hope that we at least are able to some day soon report the problem. I'll update you if it ever changes soon!

  6. I saw you're actually monetized now! How did you fight it? I'm not able to contact support within the app. It gives me an error every time I try

  7. The same thing happened to me, except after initially telling me I was eligible, it updated and said I violated community guidelines (I did not) and deemed me ineligible. Are you able to contact monetization support through the app and make a ticket?

  8. Hi! I have both the 590nm & IR chrome for two FS cameras. I personally became interested in IR photography because of the straight out of camera look of the IR chrome, but now I mostly use the 590nm filter. I still use both, and I sometimes like the straight out of camera look of the 590nm filter! Since the SOOC look is like, burnt orange sky & light blue leaves, it looks really "alien" prior to channel swapping in post and super different than IR chrome.

  9. Such a good place to shoot in IR. Do you have any from a bit further back that show off the palm trees?

  10. Shucks, no I don't!! I shall back up a bit for that composition next time!

  11. I’m looking to shoot pink and blue landscapes soon. How did you edit this?

  12. Hi! I shoot with a 590nm filter, & the picture will come out with like an orange sky and light blue/teal leaves. Then in Lightroom or GIMP, I swap the red and blue channels, then just play with the colors further to get them to how I like! I think the most important thing is making sure you have the white balance set correctly at time of shooting.

  13. Thank you! Yes it is! Not mine though haha. I was staying at an airbnb

  14. Not sure which model but in one of his recent photos I think he has a Leica M body Rangefinder. Possibly like an M2, I don't know too much about Leicas. Someone also commented they think that camera was a Hasselblad Xpan. But I think the logo on the top is too thick to be xpan. Robert Irwin also posted a half frame camera recently and I'm pretty confident that one is a Olympus pen D2.

  15. Thanks so much for your response! I had it narrowed down to Leica as well but couldn’t pinpoint the model. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a Hasselblad somewhere. I’m going to research the Olympus one! I know it’s tempting to gate-keep when it comes to sharing what models someone uses. Thanks!

  16. No problem! I'm quite the opposite, when I learn something I loooooove sharing it haha. I'm a hobbyist for film photography, and I don't know everything! But I'd like to think I know a lot of 35mm camera models so if you have any questions in the future lmk! Or I can definitely ask one of my buddies or help find a resource to point ya in the right direction! :)

  17. I'm not 100% sure if my camera has the same problem, but I also had similar lines across some of my exposures that I took with my Leitz Minolta CL. They're also horizontal. I kind of chalked it up to the pressure plate being too tight. I assumed this because when I would rewind the film at the end of the roll, it would be really difficult (where as advancing the film wasn't too difficult bc there's more leverage). What I ended up doing was just kinda bending the plate a bit so it wouldn't apply so much pressure. I haven't had the problem since. But your lines are much fainter than mine. In some of my photos, it really looked like a scratch across the photo. But some of them look faint too. I can PM you some pics to compare!

  18. Hey, this looks familiar. Is it in Honolulu, Hawaii? Perhaps that parking lot has a Safeway and a Long’s? And there’s a YMCA diagonally across the intersection? Maybe there’s even a botanical garden nearby…

  19. Haha I was going to say! This looks like Hawaiʻi!

  20. Great shot! I’m thinking about grabbing the same camera from Kolari. How you liking it?

  21. I looove Kolari! This is my 2nd camera from them & I'm thinking of getting a 3rd!

  22. Love pink and blue infrared photos in particular, awesome work!

  23. Yes me too!!! Reminds me of cotton candy... thank you!!!

  24. I can agree I live in Central Texas so seeing ice and snow on everything is very strange

  25. super good, i’m surprised this didn’t take off

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