1. Maple. You will never regret maple.

  2. Hahah why? I didn't prefer that bc I wanna play SRV and Phillip Sayce stuff. And they use rosewood.

  3. Check this video out. According to this guy, SRV actually really liked Pau Ferro

  4. If you want a band with a great lead guitarist, check out Blind Guardian (it does help that Andrè is one of the driving forces along with Hansi (vocalist), anything including Nightfall in Middle Earth and previous is great. Also their new album The God Machine is awesome.

  5. I only know Bard's song from them. I'll check out these songs too

  6. His solos are just straight garbage after death magnetic. No hooks or melody. I just dont get how James or Lars say “yeah that’s good. We’ll keep that”.

  7. Let me guess, a PRS is awesome at everything?

  8. I love mine, but I do wish they were a tiny smidge bigger. Good thing I rarely wiiddlee wiiddlee woo woo bwaau. But even doing Emaj up on 12 is kinda cramped.

  9. Yeah I can't play lead after 13th. I mean do it a bit bigger have less frets I would be okay with that. I love the tone of the guitar tho, I have custom 22.

  10. You shouldn’t target a certain loudness standard because that’s not why they exist. They weren’t created to give producers a goal to achieve, they were created for consistency on a platform so that listeners don’t have to constantly change the volume of their radio/headphones/whatever due to songs being quieter or louder than others. It is generally a good rule of thumb to just master as loud as you can without sacrificing dynamics in an unpleasant way. If you upload a song that is let’s say -10 LUFS with peaks at -0.1dB, Spotify will turn that song down by 4dB but so what? Who cares? The peaks are attenuated with the song meaning dynamic range isn’t altered in any way and thus your song should sound exactly as it did before uploading, just quieter. It will be the same -14 LUFS as everything else on the platform, meaning your track is competitively loud AND sounds just as good as it did when you hit export. If you master too quietly, say -16 LUFS with peaks a -0.1dB, Spotify then turns your track UP by 2dB. This is very very bad if your peaks are already so close to 0 because now they are being amplified beyond 0 at which point digital clipping is introduced. The amount of clipping introduced is going to directly correlate with how much your master needs to be turned up. All this in mind, you’d be better off having a master at -6 LUFS than -15 because at least everything about the -6 master that you did intentionally will be completely preserved. Hope this helps. If I’m wrong about any of this feel free to chime in.

  11. Yeah this makes sense. And hey, thank you for your time man I really appriciate this🙏

  12. these instagram producing and mix-tips are usually either wildly out of context or just plain bad not gonna lie

  13. Yeah, I agree. But I usually give them chance since I'm relatively a beginner, try to learn new things.

  14. Wow I didn't know that was doable. What does that do for me?

  15. Woods tiles provide +1 production, +1 Faith to Holy Sites, +1 appeal to surrounding tiles, and +1 appeal to the tile it's on when Conservation is unlocked. Higher appeal grants your National Parks a higher Tourism bonus, and more housing in Preserves and Neighborhoods.

  16. Robin Williams'ın stand up şakaları hep çalmadır. 80ler 90larda full Comedy Storeda takılıp milletin şakalarını çalıyormuş amcam.

  17. I'm sorry I didn't see the only wrong answers part but I don't want to erase lol. Kirk Hammet fs. He's using wah soooooo much to cover up his shitty playing. I like his playing in early days of Metallica(until black album). But after that all of his solos are repetitive

  18. Shoegaze Trap or Trapgaze( I'm not sure which one is the name)

  19. Geçen gün doğum günümde akp gençlik kolları aradı ve eve pasta getirip kutlamayı teklif ettiler. Umut çok yani.

  20. Geforce now alacağınıza boosteroid alın. Daha bilindik oyunlar(rdr2, gta5, nba, fifa...) ve daha fazla oyun var. Eğer bi sıkıntı yaşarsanız yetkililerle anında konuşabiliyosunuz chatten direk ilgileniyolar.

  21. Turkiyede sunucusu yok boosteroid'in bu yüzden fazla gecikme yaşanabiliyor eğer internet ortalama bir internet ise

  22. Ya ben ikisinde de oynadım kablosuz internetle oynadığım zaman ikisinde de gecikme yaşadım boosteroidte iki kat fazlaydı. Kablolu internetle oynayınca hiç sıkıntı olmadı rdr2yi 2 kere öyle bitirdim. Geforce Now oyun çeşitliliği bakımından aşırı kıt geliyor bana. Boosteroidte görevlilere rica ederseniz 2 saatlik falan denemen için süre verebiliyolar yani bana vermişlerdi.

  23. Personally I'd suggest one of the more recent NDSP plugins, any of Rabea/Petrucci/Henson/Gojira would do to be honest. I have Rabea and I'm more than happy with the shoegaze tones I can get out of it. There's no way to rearrange the effects though, so you're either going to need to run a reverb pedal into the plugin (if you're running it standalone) or run another instance of the plugin or another reverb plugin in front (in a daw) if you want to get really gazey.

  24. Wow, I didn't really think you can get those type of sounds on the Rabea one since I've heard most of the sounds on there synthy(?). I have to do more research. Petrucci is at the top of the list for now.

  25. Onlinea sadece poker oynamak için giriyodum ben. Hikayesi için al zaten bu oyunu

  26. Pc kaldırmaz artık herhalde. GFN'e de gelecek gibi durmuyor. Yine de bi umut diyip alacağım

  27. Boosteroidte var. Üyelik 10 euro orda var öneririm.

  28. 300 ne lan onu vereceğime bi berberiyet kursuna yazılırım bir ayda işi öğrenirim sonra bi berber dükkanı açarım çalışan tutar ve sakalımı kestiririm.(saç daha pahalı olur)

  29. Yeah I'm anxious too. And I live in northern Turkey. We felt the earth quake for about a min today.

  30. Omg i can't imagine how scary it must be living there! I hope you and your family are ok. I feel ridiculous posting this when there are people that have lost their lives or everything and i'm just chilling here in america.

  31. We are ok thank you :) I kinda feel like you do because no one got effected in our city (Samsun) and I'm here in reddit. Anyways, we will send blankets and clothes tomorrow morning to the cities that earthquake took place and I hope I will feel a little bit better then.

  32. Finished it 3 times. Best game I've ever played. Second one is Civ6.

  33. Waiting for the end for sure. Listened to it first when I was 11, 11 years later still listening.

  34. Kaybederse TC tarihinin gelmiş geçmiş en büyük lincini yiyecek la.

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