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  1. Because nothing says "im innocent" like bombarding the court with hypersonic missiles.

  2. Look up The Hague Invasion Act for some insight into how America recognises the ICC.

  3. Breaking news! Love Island contestant announces wedding

  4. Breaking News! Two rich brothers have a bit of an argument!

  5. Don’t go in hot. Cool off first. You will react much better when you’re not as upset.

  6. They do get paid rent by the Grid, I believe? Anyone does. It's not a vast sum but it's probably enough to make it a no brainer unless you're feeling particularly awkward.

  7. This was my thought. If I was that farmer, and I knew it for Sunak, my price would be at least a hundred times the going rate.

  8. Why not just ban any books that might contain anything that might upset the parents?

  9. Is there anywhere the WhatsApp messages have been published in full, so I can read them and make up my own mind?

  10. Probably once the telegraph have squeezed out every last penny. We still haven’t got to Boris’ or Rishi’s messages yet. This story is going to keep breaking for weeks

  11. Fortunately the paramedic is the girl's boyfriend and is coming from her room

  12. That’s why she said yelled “tell them to hurry!”

  13. As a Unison paramedic I’m pretty happy about this news, not least as I was due to strike again on Wednesday and these unpaid days really add up when you only work 13 shifts a month!

  14. The issue is the derogations. If all unions co-ordinated strike days, who would actually respond to the calls? It’s not like a bakery where everyone can walk out at the same time and the only person who’s harmed is the employer.

  15. These people are zealots, they have a warped view of the world - which prioritizes their sexual/gender identity and toxic culture wars above all else.

  16. Not disagreeing with you but shouldn’t the same also be said about the church?

  17. The reason teachers are striking even though they have been offered a pay rise is that the pay rise isn’t costed. So it can’t actually happen, because there isn’t money in existing school budgets to pay for it. The government have basically said ‘fine, have a raise then’ and left it for schools who are already running budget deficits to work out. The strike is to get governments to increase school budgets so they can not only pay for teachers’ raises but also for school equipment for the pupils, which teachers are mostly paying for themselves.

  18. Pretty much what the Tory’s have been doing to education for the last decade or so. How many teachers and teaching staff have actually felt like they have job security recently? At the end of every school year here locally there are teachers scared shitless of being made redundant. The Tory’s are saying yes, have a 5% pay rise, but you’ll have a to make a load more redundancies first. More than happy to give £1.7B a year to private schools though.

  19. I’m an NHS trade union partner. Most trusts will allow you to carry over one week’s worth of annual leave (37.5 hours for full time contract). If your friend has requested leave, and it’s been refused, then it’s only fair and reasonable that that leave is carried over. Depending on what software system their employer uses, there will be a record of denied leave requests.

  20. As much as I dislike Jenrick, and that not knowing there is a speed limit is a lame excuse, those kinds of restrictions, late at night, on a motorway, when there is no actual work going on, make my teeth itch.

  21. Yes! And the police should be stopping people who can’t safely drive to the speed limit on a quiet A road too.

  22. Were you working full-time for the whole year?

  23. Not OP but when hospitals are at their busiest, I would do no more than 2 calls per shift; one before my break, one after. When hospitals are offloading, that can be anywhere over 8 calls per shift.

  24. Thanks, that's super helpful! Really does highlight how dire the hospital situation can be if the ambulances can only effectively work at 25% capacity.

  25. It’s a sad state of affairs. When hospitals are at full capacity, the “stack” of 999 calls waiting just grows and grows. We have ambulance controllers who have calls waiting on their screens, finish their shifts, come back to work 12 hours later and those calls are still on the stack waiting for an emergency ambulance. Some ambulance trusts operate differently though. Some will instruct their crews to dump their patient in the corridor so that they can go to the next call. Others, like mine, fulfil their duty of care and ask us to remain with the patient until they’re safely handed over.

  26. Anything, according to vampire-in-chief himself, Jacob Rees-Mogg, that is burdensome to business.

  27. Not surprised. We’ve seen a huge drop in demand since we first announced industrial action. On the first day, our Trust asked the public to only call 999 if there’s a genuine threat to life, and they had a 75% drop in call volume.

  28. Genuine question, why would you want to get married in a church that is being forced to marry you against their wishes - and one that doesn’t actually respect your relationship?

  29. Because churches are historical, picturesque buildings I guess.

  30. Can we speculate that, hypothetically, if a sitting Lord were ever arrested for fraud, her act would be the sort of shameful event that could eventually bring down a governement...just saying.

  31. Shameful, but not as shameful as the people who kept handing our money out to them in the first place. Rishi Sunak gave them an open cheque book.

  32. I wonder who he pissed off to get done for that, there was a sweep of parliament and nearly every area they tested positive for drugs.

  33. I don’t think the cocaine is the issue. It’s the tens of thousands of fake expenses he submitted to fund his habit. IIRC it was one of his mates who dobbed him in.

  34. He’s just a normal guy who ended up famous but forgot to act like he belongs there

  35. He’s just a normal guy who ended up famous but forgot to act like he belongs there is coked off his tits.

  36. First F22 A2A kill is a balloon. Stick that in your random trivia answer book.

  37. Maybe it was the weapons system of the F22 that it was intending to spy on all along.

  38. Bless them. Maybe they should pull themselves up by their bootstraps, stop buying Netflix and avocados, and learn to manage their finances a bit better.

  39. I agree. Not long ago a BBC presenter suggested that the King could intervene and remove this rogue government.

  40. That’s probably the only thing the king can do to earn my respect. The queen sacked the Austrian government before.

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