1. Op found his issue. But just an FYi A heavier buffer will add more resistance to the bolt carrier motion causing it to short stroke even more.

  2. Woah, blast from the past. Yeah, I thought I knew what I was talking about then but was completely wrong. Lol

  3. Mines a copper pipe I hammered out and soldered on 😂

  4. Probably for dramatic effects. People that do this will ultimately post on here pics of bullet setback and say, “hAs AnYoNe SeEn ThIs BeFoRe???”

  5. Like someone else already said to you, these people were not cavemen. It’s disrespectful to call this rock an effigy. Also how the fuck would a North American have seen an ape or elephant? Use your brain bro.

  6. Not exactly an elephant, but we used to have woolly mammoths here 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. You have a flake, and a really nice one! Keep searching the area you found this

  8. Beautiful axe. Personally I like a slightly straighter bit, but still some curve. If it were mine, I’d take a down a bit

  9. Found site to buy a kit. Did you use 1 piece(calling it a foldover) or 2 pieces?

  10. One piece fold over. Soooo much easier than two piece. I always bought from holsterbuilder .com it’ll probably be way cheaper and you can buy extra

  11. No problem. You’ll have to make a channel for the suppressor. I used pvc pipe and split it and filed it down to a similar outside diameter as the suppressor. Painters tape to secure it. Popsicle sticks and painters tape to create channels for the slide release and for the mount for the paddle. If you don’t want to make a press, you can buy a cheap foam camping mat and cut it up and literally stand on it to get good definition. That’s what I did here bc I didn’t have the press handy. There’s lots of other tips you can hit me up for if you run into problems

  12. Magical thing called a t shirt. Sometimes tough to find in stock though /s

  13. You must not live in the south. It’s mid 90’s with 83% humidity. No thanks to the undershirt

  14. Born and raised in South Georgia 20 miles from Florida border and now live in Florida. But no i don’t wear an undershirt regardless, because my skin isnt baby’s ass soft

  15. Holy tits, Batman! Finds like this remind me we are finding treasure

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