1. This was one of my biggest gripe with

  2. Yes! Especially after he indirectly lets the town and former father-in-law believe that he was in love with his first wife. He doesn't take off the wedding band, and he is always participates in the memorial dinner (except he has to run after Piper because she accidentally thought it was just a party). And he took advantage of his FIL because one of the only reasons he owns the boat is because he was the former son-in-law and the FIL confirmed he was part of the family and loved the FIL's daughter. His dismissiveness for his late wife infuriated me.

  3. The FMC kept giving "soft smiles" and "smiling softly". Why can't she just smile like a normal person???

  4. OOP just doesn't get it. Hopefully he will mature some and look back at this incident with utmost cringe in the future.

  5. OOP's brother is incredible and it seems like she is incredible right back at him. It's amazing that such terrible parents produced such good kids

  6. Nice to see some healthy family dynamics for once lol. Hopefully the ex-boyfriend learns something from this experience

  7. Their household sounds joyless and OOP still doesn't get it

  8. I understand Haley only knew Lucas side of the story and I do give her the benefit of the doubt for that but idk she also knew where Lucas and Peyton were in their lives so to me if my friend told me they proposed in that situation I would just be like… well duh she said no????

  9. Yea but Haley married Nathan junior year of high school, so she doesn't have the best track record to understand "where Lucas and Peyton were in their lives" lol

  10. She's getting what she deserves. Idk how she thought anyone would take her side.

  11. Does the bottom of the last card say "cry at home"? Lol

  12. Agreed that it should be Eric's choice to tell people his personal business, but Lily didn't make that apparent. She kept his business hidden because she was ashamed of it. If she had explained and gone the route you suggest (that she kept it hidden because it should be Eric's choice to reveal), it would have come across better and Eric would have been understanding, instead of feeling like he's an embarrassment.

  13. I feel like Jen finally told OOP's parents about the harassment she faced at his hands.. that's why his entire family quickly cut him off. I can't imagine another reason why the entire family wholeheartedly kicked OOP out. And that's also why OOP isn't forthcoming with information too.

  14. Beautiful descriptive writing. It really makes you feel like you're there with the narrator.

  15. I’m pretty sure OP is someone on Michelle’s PR staff as literally 100% of her posts and comments are related to talking up Michelle and keeping her relevant.

  16. I think you're right. That's all they post about. They're starting to sound like a bot at this point

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