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  1. Explain away that myocarditis increase, pharma getting return on their billions in media spend

  2. If everyone’s entitled to a free opinion then maybe the people of NB should voice their concerns and vote out all of the people that have created this province. If you REALLY want to see change then start at the local level, stop thinking that voting out a President or prime minister is going to cause all of this crazy meaningful change. Stop pinning your cities failures on one man, it’s the biggest trap conservatives lay out and you imbeciles fall for it EVERY time.

  3. Calling people imbeciles because they disagree with you, nice

  4. Damn there is quite a decent amount of hate for this being posted here as if it isn't fantasy relevant.

  5. Signed a higher upside slot/gadget guy in Dionte Harty. We also have Jameson Crowder who is a more proven veteran, plus promising rookie kahlil shakir who is also a slot receiver.

  6. Lol I don’t wanna talk too much shit about him, he was loved by the fans and was by all accounts a great team/locker room guy. But yeah at the end of the day he wasn’t cutting it

  7. I’m sorry but the “culture” thing is so ridiculous. Every team has players on it that are not good people. Bobby hart, and even von Miller have done and said things that are worse.

  8. 100% correct Von has been caught being abusive toward a woman who he impregnated, far worse than what OBJ said to the flight attendants

  9. Epsom salts and mentholated rubbing alcohol, a liberal amount of salts and a whole small bottle of rubbing alcohol. Boil some water in pans on the stove to get the bathtub water even hotter. Soak until water starts to get cold. Drink lots of water and some Gatorade as your in the tub and after you're. Old snowmaker trick. Your muscles will thank me.

  10. Bathe in rubbing alcohol? Is that dangerous? I play rugby and get hella sore so I am intrigued

  11. If you’re looking for dry, cracking skin then you’ll be pleased by the results.

  12. I think the brand is called Nunya, have you heard of it?

  13. She’s a retired duchess who wants her privacy so she’s writing books and Netflix shows so honestly returning to acting is probably the simplest thing she could do

  14. Moved his girlfriend full-time without asking, made a fuss when several months in we included her on the group text to split the wifi-power bill. She did not pay any rent

  15. If you’re asking, yes it is slightly neurotic, but people should and likely will mind their own business

  16. I'm not really looking to open a whole can of worms here, but I don't really agree, personally, with a lot of their views on healthcare and immigration.

  17. I'm not sure why this got downvoted. I think it is because it says "Conservative". I read it and tried to skip the "Conservative" part and my first thought was "wow, this seems like a good start and could apply to any of the parties".

  18. For some it is easier to just downvote and dismiss rather than challenge their own biases and thinking

  19. Christianity originated and is highly popular in many of the European countries that are more open about nudity, don’t think it’s as simple as that

  20. I’m 99% sure this is a male - maybe a young male as I agree I’ve seen larger dorsal fins, but definitely doesn’t look female. The pectoral fins are very large on this orca, signifying male, and a female’s dorsal fin would not only be small but also curved.

  21. The fin is angled away from the camera so it appears smaller. the lack of curvature on the dorsal fin plus the proportionately large pectoral fins would indicate male

  22. As someone affected by saying no homo, it's not a big enough deal to fine $40k. I think just talking to him about it privately would be enough for me. This is a learned behavior and I used to do it too. While I would prefer people didn't do it at all, that's unrealistic and they certainly shouldn't be fined money for saying it. Just make a real effort to not do it again 👍🏻

  23. If he said “no homosexual innuendo”, would that be fine?

  24. Would have rather we took the flyer on Kadarius Toney during the season on a cheaper deal than paying for past production.

  25. I agree, Toney is a stud and would’ve been a great fit.

  26. They’re both difference makers when healthy, but Allen is gonna command elite WR money probably and Toney is on a rookie deal. With both needing to prove they can stay healthy Id prefer the cheaper one.

  27. Yeah but ship has sailed on Toney. I’m not for signing Keenan to big money but I’m not 100% certain he’s going to command elite money at his age.

  28. Almost everyone I know is doing it tho. I’m finding it hard to believe the stores aren’t doing anything about it. It’s only gonna get worse as recession hits us hard

  29. Sounds like your friends are bums who are influencing you poorly

  30. Yes because a good chunk of food there will end up in the dumpster anyway. These bloodsuckers won’t even donate it to the needy.

  31. A thief doesn’t have the right to call anyone a bloodsucker. Get a job

  32. To be fair that situation doesn't really require an ambulance.. maybe if he was bleeding profusely but calls like that are what clog up the queue when he could have just been driven to the emergency room

  33. A dislocation of a knee joint puts into question whether or not you’ll walk again. Look at Sean Livingston in the NBA, there were talks of him having his leg amputated

  34. Grow the hell up I bet whoever your little punishment is meant for has more integrity in their pinky finger than you have in your whole god damn body.

  35. Get $80 for sql $120 for demo and 1% CW. Know others who have the exact same

  36. Yup as we all know bullets fortunately stop when they start flying towards someone who wasn't the intended target.

  37. No it’s just important context. To stop “making mass shooters famous” a la Nick Cruz (which is valid) will not solve gang-related shootouts, which are the majority of the 40 mass shootings that op cited. Does that make sense?

  38. I feel like Samaje would have more redundancy with James Cook than a downhill back. Not sure who else is available in that category though other than the big ticket guys

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