1. haven’t bought a single thing of sealed product, only singles until a set i like comes out. changed my resolution, probably won’t buy any retail wax, stick to hobby only sets

  2. Bought mostly singles. Have been trading for singles. Haven't bought into a break or bought any retail or hobby wax.

  3. I always keep $25,000 worth of cards in a box...seems a bit off.

  4. I thought that was common practice with keeping 10K cash under my mattress.....🤷

  5. The person who co-signed the cards to the store just might be in on it and got the cards back and is now expecting the shop to reimburse hard cash for the cards that are back in their possession!?!?!? 🤔🤔🤔

  6. Huh? No idea what you're on about.

  7. The Bengals are a prime example for why this is BS.

  8. Idk, stats from 10 years ago dont really matter anymore, game has changed too much in that time frame. Even if it is the scheme i don't have the confidence in the current lineup to produce results regardless of scheme. Watching every game this year, all i saw was Josh not having enough time to wait for Dorsey driven routes that take too long to develop, and screens that had to wait for untalented lineman to catch up to the play. But i am just an average joe that watched the game, so wtf do i know

  9. Basically dude bought in to a break, hit an undesirable superfractor, was pissed about it and told the breaker to torch it, which he did during his break

  10. S1 checklist should be out soon, I suppose they could add a bunch of SPs or autos to the checklist that never make it in boxes…..oh wait, they did that one already right?

  11. I wouldnt take anything at face value until the new cap salary is released. Also they need time to review the season and make proper evaluations. Give it a few weeks

  12. I feel ya, Ham. A simple thank you goes a long way. Unfortunately, there is too much entitlement, failed parenting, and inability to communicate. This is society now, man. Is what it is I guess. End of the day only can control what you can control. Keep being you man and if you reach just one other person you did good, much love to folks like you and the other kind souls running wild, especially in this sub

  13. Best thing i try to remember is that cards are only worth what their value is today, not yesterday, not tomorrow but today.

  14. End of the day if you want full value, you're gonna spend alot of time selling singles, you want it gone quick, sell cheap lots or bulk

  15. Didn‘t see anything and honestly I‘m glad. Whole team sucked and until they are ready to change it, I don‘t want to hear excuses.

  16. I just dont understand why he never gets any interviews, correct me if im wrong but wasnt Daboll in front if the media more often?

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