1. The victim. The officer's identity is withheld / kept secrete... but a lawyer said, when his name is made public... no will be surprise [history of alleged misconduct]

  2. before the video, it was described as a violent shove... but i didn't expect it to be that violent...

  3. I heard her songs [watched fame ] as a kid but didn't connect the dots until I watched 'D.C. Cab' .... 'oh bleep its Irene Cara '

  4. he did that to a drunk woman in cuffs [who was arrested on domestic charges]

  5. why back the blue, why not teachers, sanitation drivers, janitors or restaurant workers [paid in pennies and treated like sh$t, unsafe work environment]...

  6. they have campaigns for everything except weeding out bad cops [cant complain about the police to the police]

  7. i hope he dedicates his life to getting rid of qi or get some real reform

  8. his image is why cops want people dead/ to bleed out and tax payers "foot" the bill... dead men do not speak and are quickly forgotten

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