1. For 2021 decks Lotus field combo and maybe Azorius spirits is both good options to purchase (Lotus field is strong right now and spirits you can pivot to mono blue if you like but I heard that ONE allied fast lands will kinda make the deck viable again)

  2. Lotus field was fairly easy to transition. That's what I did anyway. The biggest problem is the land base. [[boseiju who endures]] needs to be a 2 off, and the deck honestly really likes 3.

  3. This is roughly what's being played right now, with a couple exceptions:

  4. I dont see [[Peer into the abyss]] in list anymore tho. I'm gonna try a list without it this week end

  5. I forgot about Peer. I converted one of the old Challenger decks, and i haven't gotten everything replaced yet. Run [[Behold the Beyond]] instead. It is way better for most meta's, i just haven't gotten ahold of one yet.

  6. It’s also players like this that give it a bad rep. I don’t play MLD, but a person in my regular play group does. If he plays MLD it’s always, always because he has a win in 1-2 turns. That’s totally fine with me. We can shuffle up and play again.

  7. I personally dont have a problem with Jhoira, even with extra turns, MLD, and giant creatures. Its not like you cannot see it coming, and the suspended spells can still be countered.

  8. [[Oloro, ageless ascetic]]. The deck is a stax/control deck with [[phage the untouchable]] as the only real win condition. She can either touch a player or get hit with [[shared fate]]. As for how its playing? I haven't gotten the chance yet lol.

  9. Necromentia away the lotus fields if they don't already have one. If they do you should focus on their combo cards like hidden strings, pore over the pages, ect. You could hit emergent ultimatum, but that won't necessarily stop them.

  10. Yeah, lotus is definitely the number one target for necromentia. If they have the Lotus, then you want to hit either [[Thespian's stage]] or [[pore over the pages]]. Pore is pretty important for the card advantage, so it's probably a better target than [[hidden strings]].

  11. Word, do you have an idea of what you’d swap for it? Sideboard is 2x extinction event, 2x rending volley, 2x duress, 2x hearse, 1x abrade, 1x kolaghan’s command, 1x Skysovereign, 1x invoke despair, 1x go blank, and 1x bankbuster

  12. Nothing in your sideboard is really going to hamper Lotus combo. [[Damping sphere]], [[the stone brain]], and [[necromentia]] are the three cards in the meta that are actually going to hurt lotus combo. The other thing to consider is that Lotus is often going to board in its big creatures. Your likely going to have to deal with a [[Zacama primal calamity]] or an [[elder gargaroth]] if you manage to disrupt the combo plan.

  13. [[strip mine]] [[ghost quarter]] [[field of ruin]] [[wasteland]] and the new one from brothers war all exist. just use your newly required clone to copy their prime time and attack with it to get your utility lands to fight their utility lands. /s

  14. The issue your ignoring is that people get super salty when you start breaking out land destruction. Try any of those cards normaly and see how long before your in the middle of the great salt lakes and you dont live in Utah.

  15. no one gets upset when you use [[ghost quarter]] on someone's [[cabal coffers]] or [[alchemist refuge]] because you replace the land with a basic. if someone is upset because you went down 1 land in exchange for replacing their broken land with their basic then they are not making proper third person threat analysis.

  16. Personally, I agree with you. I have no problem with land destruction. Unfortunately, that seems to put me in a minority when it come to the community. My point is simply that land destruction has a bit of a reputation in the community.

  17. The part I’m confused on is:

  18. I can see the argument both ways on this situation. I would think that you wouldn't want to sideboard a whole lot, especially with the 3-4 of Karn in Mono green. I would think that the only things you would want to side in are the cards that are not one of in the sideboard. That said, ive never played the deck so i cannot say for sure.

  19. I definitely acknowledge it's not going to be on the level Rakdos midrange or Mono G Karn are, but I am definitely fighting to make this C - or even B - tier viable! I have fun with the list, it's super cool to play, and it feels really good into a lot of the popular B-C tier decks in the format, and even some of the A tier ones with the right sideboard options. I was stunned I was able to beat Gruul boats with such little issue.

  20. I personally think that it would be great if the deck gained traction in the meta. I know thats kinda a long shot, but it seems to be a blast. Granted, i also play Lotus Combo, so i may be a little bias lol.

  21. That's why I'm doing the grassroots stuff now; if people watch and participate in the deck's development, they become more interested in playing it themselves. I encourage you to try it if you have the space or time! It's a blast to play, and I'm always looking for more experience from other pilots. I am only one set of eyes, other pilots might see lines I'm missing, or have different local meta games to test it out with.

  22. Im rooting for you. Ive actually mentioned your decks to a couple of people on this sub once or twice, when they were looking for off meta decks.

  23. I think its going to depend on how much toxic and proliferate is in ONE. If they provide enough support for it, then it may be viable. We Just don't know yet if its going to be effective.

  24. I cant really comment on Phoenix too much, as I haven't ever played the deck, but i have played Lotus Combo. We tend to have a really good matchup against phoenix, so its gonna be an uphill struggle. One thing to consider, is that we tend to board in creatures after game one. That's not the typical strategy versus phoenix, but if it goes to game 3 don't be surprised to see an [[Elder gargaroth]] or [[Zacama primal calamity]]. More likely your going to see [[mystical dispute]] and [[thought distortion]]. [[Fading hope]] has also started to be included in the lotus sideboard, so that's likely to come in as well. Lotus his looking to combo as early as turn 4, so your going to want to be prepared for those turns. [[Hope tender]] is a bit of tech that has been bouncing between the mainboard and sideboard. You will want to make sure that you don't side out all of your removal as a result. Hope tender can actually allow for Lotus to go off on turn 4 pretty consistently. Don't let us untap with it.

  25. Thank you! I Guess then I should leave at least fiery impulse in, since it kills Hope tender and two can take down the gargaroth. Since It combos out 4th turno maybe drakes can be a little too slow?

  26. Yeah, the drakes are pretty good to apply pressure under most circumstances, but you have to be able to disrupt us first. The pressure obviously doesn't matter if you can't stop us from going off. Also, our typical go off turn is usually turn 5, but your gonna want to pay attention to the turn 4 as it is possible.

  27. [[Thromok the insatiable]] I once was able to eat a ton of tokens and swung for a bit over 1200 damage. Best part was that I had [[nylea god of the hunt]] and [[xenagos god of revels]] so it was a hasty, trampler.

  28. The deck is paradox engine combo, wincon are: Or creating infinite 1/1 and giving them haste Or aeyherflux reservoir to the win

  29. But that's not what I'm asking for.. Ahahah I'm just asking for an help with a manabase...

  30. Sorry, I was simply trying to point out that you didn't actually have any payouts. Based on what you gave me, you could go something like:

  31. How is [[Steal Seraph]] treating you? I know that on your last post there was some questioning on if it was worth the slot. Does it seem to be performing adequately for you?

  32. Honestly I think it would be nice but Im not sure it's strong enough to see play. I do think it could go well in a faithful mending control list

  33. Its a great card to generate value, but i think your correct. I can see it in the sideboard of some midrange deck to generate some extra value game two. I dont know what deck would want Souls mainboard. Maybe Mono white Humans to recoup some tempo after a board wipe? I feel like they would have better things to do.

  34. my point is that every magic card in existence could be worth it in magical christmas land.

  35. First of all, Ritual of Soot is a better sweeper into the meta as a whole. Im not trying to argue that fact. However, you cannot say that a card "isnt good enough" for a format, when one of the top decks in the format actively plays the card. Lotus Combo, does in fact, actively play languish. Its played into meta's with a large Mono White Humans percentage, so Thalia doesn't shaft us completely. Its part of the same reason [[Baral Chief of compliance]] is considered mainboard for lotus. If mono white humans drop way down in the meta, then we may switch to Ritual. Until then, there is at least one deck that does indeed want languish.

  36. the thing with languish and lotus its because of the nature of the deck, it has silver bullets in the side, but not because they are playable in a vacuum, but they are niche and tutorable.

  37. Then I apologize for the confusion, as my point has been muddled somewhere. The point I was trying to make was that the card is indeed a silver bullet. Its use in the meta is niche, but it does indeed have a use. I was simply trying to point out that fact, as it felt like you were trying to discredit the card in its entirety. It seems that this is not the case, so i seem to have misunderstood.

  38. Love this. Would you run any of [[Sheoldred's Edict]] in the main or side?

  39. Honestly, it would depend on the meta. The only thing I see the edict really helping with is the planeswalker removal. I can see it being pretty good against mono green devotion for that reason to help get rid of Karn and Kiora. It has some potential against UW control to get rid of Teferi, but thats probably a rough matchup. The other option would be to splash red for [[bedevil]] or try and run [[hero's downfall]].

  40. Where’s Phrexian Arena? Meathook Massacre?

  41. You could definitely go [[phyrexian Arena]] over sign in blood, but I personally would stay away from [[meathook Massacre]]. It feels way to slow as a sweeper, and i would rather board in stuff like [[ritual of soot]] or [[languish]] to be more effecient.

  42. I am fine with paying for one, I’m not familiar with patreon, do you have a link

  43. Its funny that Raest gets mentioned here. He is actually one of the primary posters of the discord i linked earlier lol. His list is wild though. Last i looked he was actually using a [[cyclonic rift]] in the sideboard.

  44. The zacama and gargaroth are there to help pivot your gameplan against aggro/creature decks. Because we run so few creatures, a lot of decks board out their removal game two, which allows for our creatures to be boarded in. Zacama is literally just a giant body that most decks can not deal with. The abilities can also be super relevant. Elder gargaroth is there for much of the same reason, but it's easier on the mana and can be cast quicker, without much setup. There is actually a Lotus combo discord that you can find here:

  45. If I remember correctly, wasn't there a running theory that the eldrazi titans essentially restore dying planes? I believe the idea was that ulamog and kozilek kill off the plane and break it down to a waste land. Then emrakul comes in to seed new life into the plane. The argument was that while all three titans caused destruction in the story, emrakuls' presence near Innistrad caused massive mutations in the local flora and fauna. That said, this was all speculation at the time these sets came out, and nothing was ever confirmed.

  46. Judging from the Leagues and Challenges the deck is very much Tier 1 at the moment. But since it has some pretty bad matchups with hyper aggressive decks and struggles a bit against Green Devotion (although that seems to be addressed through Pithing Needle in the board) it has waxed and waned in popularity over the last year. It has picked up a bit right now because of a decline in Green Devotion and an uptick in Rakdos, a favourable matchup.

  47. From what ive looked into, the performing decks have pretty much settled on the [[Emergent ultimatum]] version. This is my current version:

  48. I agree it doesn't works like infect, but it's significantly more flexible because was of applying poison counters with it is multifaceted

  49. I hadn't looked at the Rotpriest that way. That may actually be a viable strategy to really crank up the poison on your opponent. Especially considering the best toxic creatures so far have been in GW and that combo is really good at protecting your permanents.

  50. Precisely, it's a midrange-y heroic deck with an alt wincon that can ignore board state in most cases, allowing you to play flexible interaction like assassins trophy. Plus turns a ton of cantrips and multi-target buffs into damage.

  51. Yeah, UW control is gonna be a nightmare match for this. Im not sure Rakdos midrange would be much better either. They just have so much good removal. I think your best hope would be to hit a couple rotpriest early to punish removal targeting you. It would also have to race hard against Lotus Combo. They would need the turn 4 win to keep pace.

  52. Enigmatic Fires is ~65% favored vs gruul and this will only get much much worse with Atraxa and Elesh Norn next set.

  53. Enigmatic may see an uptick in play with the surge of Gruul Vehicles pulling down on Rakdos Midrange and Green Devotion. Unfortunately for fires, Lotus Combo has also seen a pretty good uptick, and is really good against a lot of the meta as well. Honestly I think the meta is about to be in a really good place, but we shall see what happens with ONE.

  54. The plan against control is to stop their ability to stop you, which is essentially what Mystical Dispute and Thought Distortion are for. Creature based threats are better against decks that are already somewhat removal light. Control will probably still have some way to answer a threat.

  55. It is true that the Ward isnt as good as hexproof, but it does have haste. That along with the fact that it does have some protection seems to suggest that it may be better than the Gargaroth in some metas.

  56. The Gargaroth is new tech to me. I don't fully understand what match ups it's for, but I was assuming it was to diversify against the creature decks again. It does block very well and comes down a little sooner than Zacama.

  57. That was my assumption as well. It does provide a lot of value if it sticks around. It just seems a bit squishy with the removal played in the format.

  58. Unless you run 36 spells 4 delver and 20 lands delver is not played in pioneer, modern, and should be standard as well. It’s a staple in legacy because of brainstorm and ponder.

  59. I understand what your saying. It is kinda sad for me that it gets very little love these days. When i first started getting into Modern years ago it was actually played in an Izzet Tempo deck. Unfortunately, the shifting meta has made it completely obsolete. In fact, i believe it found its way out due to the eldrazi winter and was never able to recover afterwards. (I could be completely misremembering the timetable here. I've slept since then.)

  60. No, the other threats are more synergistic to phoenix’s gameplan of casting a bunch of spells in one then and tempoing people out with unfair plays. Delver works better in a deck where you are trying to protect it and always hold up mana. Phoenix tries to constantly do stuff in their turn for to get phoenixes and proc connive.

  61. Ah, that makes sense. I have not had the pleasure of facing phoenix yet, so I only know the bare basics about it.

  62. As a Karny, my first thought is avoiding exile target effects. Second thought was black mana for [[Pestilent Cauldron]]. My third thought was loyalty af. It just seems good in the sideboard?

  63. Honestly my first thought is that this is gonna be an EDH card. I dont see it doing too much in pioneer, except maybe for Mono-Green devotion? They seem to be the one deck that would benefit from this most, and they can wish for it with karn.

  64. It’s definitely EDH, but in the Mono-G sideboard, it has legitimate potential.

  65. Yeah, it pretty much does everything that they would want an artifact to do.

  66. I don’t think I’m big brain enough to pilot the lotus field deck. Gruul is my favorite color pair so I might have to look into that more thoroughly.

  67. Fair enough. I built the lotus deck cause it was the easiest one for me to complete at the time. I honestly was surprised by how good it really is. First time piloting it I played in a small tournament. I ended up going 2-1 on matches and was really only opposed by a UW deck that i had no idea how to deal with. Turns out that creatures that double as removal suck to deal with when your pretty dedicated combo deck. I also don't have [[mystical dispute]] and [[negate]] just wasn't cutting it. That said the gruul vehicles list looks super spicy. If i had a chance it would probably be my second choice for a deck.

  68. Well I currently have a list by Aspiringspike that’s a Fires of Invention + Cavalier of Flame deck. It’s super fun but too coinflippy to take too seriously. I have Rakdos Anvil but it either wins really hard or loses really hard, no in between. I have a home brew Orzhov midrange list that got me 3rd and 4th at two different RCQs but the deck feels slightly lacking. I think the Pioneer pool is missing an early game card or two for it.

  69. If you really want to get wild, there was a post on here earlier today about a Abzan flicker list. I dont think anyone expects it to be the next big thing, but flickering prototype creatures or good old [[siege rhino]] is super spicy. Its gonna suffer versus any type of control though.

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