1. we are enough to rewrite any large piece of litrature, but instead we floodgate the typewriters

  2. Even just a ‘reskin’ of the Raigeki effect would be nice.

  3. even if you dont finish it it will be alot of UR/SR CP and the cosmeics are up to 75 this duell pass instead of 100 for the last

  4. I'm okay with this, tcg emergency banlist means we're very likely to see tears come to master duel with multiple key cards preemptively hit

  5. tcg banlist is not that importend since maser duel started with something very close to an old OCG banlis and is following closer towha happens there (eg no maxx"c" ban, heavy hits for adventure, etc)

  6. pure eldlich is cheaper, only need eldlich, heavenly priso and your choice of solemns as UR (others eg imperm or tcboo and extra deck are optional)

  7. dpeneding on how gutted and neutered tear will be bveween ok (low to no hits to tear) and very good (high ammount of banned/limited tear cards)

  8. charmer of prefered atribute, nothing is as satisfying as using your opponents cards to finish them

  9. all cards that are milled are banished facedown during the next chain as chain link 1, so you can activate your mill effects but cant keep anything else inside your GY for the future

  10. mirrorjade will attempt to destroy every monster (from the opponent of mirrorjade, if mirrorjade was fusion summoned) that is on the field in the endphase no mater when they were summoned

  11. try ursarctic radiaion, that can draw 7 cards and can be bounced for another 7 cards

  12. if you say no and dont lie you are like an emperor among peasents, truely build different

  13. im currently playing a blind 2nd swrod soul deck and hvae no ye lost to time (closes was ~30s at the end of opponens turn)

  14. it is a soft once per 2 turns for banishment and no resriction on the leaving the field effect

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