1. Mark 7 always felt like the best combo of everything I love about the Ironman suits

  2. In my experience when sideshow does their first look of a figures that usually means you’ll get it within a month

  3. I own all JJK figures from Threezero, their Dorohedoro, Berserker, Fullmetal Alchemist, Stranger Things, and Evangelion.

  4. What’s your overall opinion on three zeros JJK figures. I love the anime and the manga and Yuji is one of my favorite from the series.

  5. Yeah almost positive you’ll like these . Especially considering the price

  6. I was seriously considering it because I have some rewards and discounts that would lower the price

  7. Mine was Endgame Captain America. I got it as a gift from my wife and it started a very dangerous and expensive hobby

  8. I was going to wait for the one they would announce with the Flash movie but I guess Hot Toys just made it easier for me

  9. For the most part yes. With pre orders I’ve done through SideShow I’ve never wait too long after the release to get mine. Sideshow tents to be just a little behind the Hong Kong release but in my experience it’s never been more then a month or so

  10. No personal experience with them, I use TNSFigures for my Soosoo purchases. But Jedha Patrol uses pop collectibles for his purchases. (Which might mean nothing seeing as how Justin uses TW)

  11. Jedha Patrol is how o heard of Pop collectibles and he swears by them but I’ve been pretty cautious of stuff like that because of stories I’ve heard of TW. I’ve pretty much stuck with Sideshows for all my figures

  12. Understandable, but I would say to look into other sites. Sideshow is a great beginner store, but they are a lot more than other stores. (For me at least on the east coast of America)

  13. Thanks! He’s definitely an amazing figure! My goal is to get endgame Thor, and battle damage iron man mark 85 next!

  14. Endgame Captain America was my first Hot Toys also and I I later got Thor and Mk 85 iron man and they look amazing next to each other.

  15. I’ve never gotten a 1/6 figure from SooSoo. What’s the quality of these figures overall because I really want this figure

  16. Just got mine in today and it looks amazing. Clone Trooper Rambo was 100% going into my collection

  17. I was on the waitlist for Kylo Ren for like 3 months and I got the chance to buy it yesterday while at work so o snuck away for a bit to buy it.

  18. Mine ships tomorrow. I like the character and the design because it’s basically Clone trooper Rambo, and that was enough to convince me to get it.

  19. I’m wondering the same thing? I’m trying to pre order Batman from inart but it’s only available in toys wonderland but I’m a lil scared to order it from them. I’ve previously ordered from them 2 times and never had a problem but this time I’ve heard more stories of people being scammed from them.

  20. I think pop collectibles has the sculpted hair Batman still available for preorder.

  21. Not a huge fan of it. Honestly thought I was on some knock off site for a bit

  22. Welcome to the community my friend! My first Hot Toy was Endgame Captain America.

  23. Thank you, super happy to be here! Classic suit is definitely a contender for my next pickup. Between that and the Spider Armor mk 4, which I used the most in the game, and the Zombie Hunter Spidey, something about that figure really speaks to me

  24. I’ve heard great things about zombie hunter Spiderman. When it comes to collecting Hot Toys just remember get whichever one makes you happy and it’s always worth it

  25. How long does it usually take for them to get a new batch in? I honestly was a bit miffed that I didn’t get a notification as I preordered mine on day one (I’ve since done some research that their distribution system is totally random which I didn’t know before). So I envy everyone who gets their figure now and I really hope I don’t have to wait months until they get a new batch… I’m terribly impatient… 🙈

  26. I get that. I’ve noticed in the last few months whenever they release the blogger photos sideshow hasn’t been far behind, at least 2 weeks to a month

  27. Personally I don’t mind it at all. To me it adds to the figure. But I can see why it bothers some collectors

  28. I think PopCollectables maybe have it for pre order but I’m not sure

  29. This is an awesome 2-pack, I’ll preach it to my grave! It’s extremely underrated in my opinion.

  30. I don’t think we’ll get another Cavil Superman from Hot Toys. InArt or SoSo maybe. I got my Justice League Superman HT last summer and it’s my favorite figure in my collection

  31. I just got the same email!! Now to pack up some figures to make room on the shelf for this guy

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