Alito on SCOTUS critics: 'questioning our integrity crosses an important line'

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John Fetterman Whipping Dr. Oz in Senate Race With Double Digit Lead: Poll

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Trump's Republican support plummets by 20 points, new poll shows

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  1. And no doubt Republicans are prepared to vote against it or file a lawsuit.

  2. I swear republican's goal is to cause the rapture. Which is ironic because I don't think God would like "his people" enacting the end of the world.

  3. It's not about the rapture but just to continue misery because they can. They are not religious because if they actually did follow Christianity then they would be more open to actually helping people. Instead they hide behind "free markets" to avoid to actually help people in need.

  4. Tell us something we don't already know. And isn't Murdoch from Australia?

  5. He was born in the USA and has been a citizen for forty years.

  6. This is a great idea and should be national wide. There should also be a law barring companies from falsely advertising salaries as well. Like going into a job interview and having them tell you that they can only offer 10,000 less than what it was advertised.

  7. I have no idea but there seems to be supporters of the Cuba regime. Where they try to paint Cuba as a better place to live instead of the US and tries to "score points" off of misery.

  8. Some parts haven’t had power since the last hurricane. Cuba wins.

  9. Cuba has rolling blackouts for the better part of of this year. So it's not a win for Cuba.

  10. So the Republicans are suing Biden because he wants to help people. Typical of Republicans to do this.

  11. Probably to make Fisher in Conviction more of a rogue agent and close up plot holes of Lambert keeping Sam’s daughter hidden away. There’s no reason for him to go with third echelon other than finding out what happened to his daughter. It also makes his leadership role in Blacklist easier.

  12. My reasoning thinks it has nothing to do with Conviction. Instead, the whole story in DA was to make Sam not only go "rogue" but also to add a "human level" to Sam. Before the main criticism was that Sam was too, "robotic/solider-ish" and that DA was supposed to "loosen that up by giving him a reason to not trust Third Echelon anymore and to (eventually) leave. That and it seemed kind of a story motif in anything that involves soldering/spies. Oh, and to follow the plot line of

  13. I am not going to lie, I have heard this argument before but worded it differently. What is sad is that they are willing to miss out on millions if not billions of dollars in tax revenue (or in our case, their pocketbooks) from the legal sales of recreational marijuana.

  14. He is only mindful that his actions are not popular but that won't stop him from stripping rights from everyone in the country that isn't a white male millionaire/billionaire.

  15. Could never understand why New Jersey Resident Dr. Oz was running in Pennsylvania anyway

  16. My guess is that he thought it would be easier to dupe the residents of Pennsyltucky into voting for him. The guy clearly doesn't understand the state, knows what the local grocers are named, cares about the people, etc... Don't get me wrong, I am 100% sure that there will be voters for Oz because of two things 1) that "R" beside his name and 2) has Trump's endorsement from the primaries. Those alone seem to be the only reason why anybody in the state wants to vote for him. Fetterman clearly is the best choice in this race but everyone needs to come out and vote for Fetterman in the election. Oh, and vote for Sharipo as well because the guy he is running against can be described as "dangerous to democracy", in my opinion.

  17. They are basically the zip codes and are codes of the town he was mayor of.

  18. So Netflix had to fulfill a contract, but maybe to their credit, they assigned it to a team known to have fucked things up? I hope so...

  19. Same with his videos of Dune, I knew it existed but never really appreciated the depth of it. His channel is great to find unique scifi concepts.

  20. His Dune videos are good but have you ever checked out Preston Jacobs on his

  21. A lot of these candidates are "Trump-approved" candidates. Of course, the MAGA voters would come out and vote for the craziest and have the "Trump stamp of approval" on them. Also, it's not unusual for the GOP to run crazy far-right candidates in the hope that who ever wins can swing back to the middle (or close to the middle) for swing voters to vote for them.

  22. The thing about having rank-choice voting is that most voting laws are state base.

  23. In Puerto Rico, the catholic views of the “old” (whites), which are a minority. The attitudes stem from superiority and colonialism…. Tend to be quite racist. It’s super weird.

  24. But the Catholic Church is more about works of faith (donating, feeding the poor, clothing the poor, etc...) than having faith alone (Protestants) or being "reborn" (Evangelicals). Not only that, Catholics are not a solid "blue" nor "red" voting block, even among the white American Catholics and they hold opinions like the death penalty is not good/acceptable (according to the Vatican).

  25. One guy was condemned to 3.5 years of house arrest for participating in a mass rape. And It was BOTH, US soldiers executed and Raped civilians in mass including children.

  26. Look I am going by what your source says and it doesn't say mass rape.

  27. "In their historical overview of the massacre, James Olson and Randy Roberts compile information about sexual violence from the Peers Inquiry to produce a list of 20 acts of rape based on eyewitness testimony. The victims documented on this list ranged from age 10-45. Of these women and girls, nine were under the age of eighteen. Many of these assaults were gang rapes and many involved sexual torture."

  28. So your argument is this somehow justifies Russia mass raping children? An incident that is well known, and people were tried for but Russia gets a pass because?

  29. These polls are pointless because Trump and his die-hard MAGA followes still control/run the GOP.

  30. What’s really interesting is that Gary Nolan, the Stanford scientist working with the DoD to study the UAP, has seen MRI scans similar to that of this syndrome to military personnel who came into close contact with UAPs.

  31. From my understanding was that it was technically possible to build a "microwave gun" since the 1970s but neither the US or the Soviet Union didn't. Oh, and the three possible candidates for who could be responsible are either the US, Russia, and/or China. Besically no one else studied it but the US and Soviet Union. China is another candidate because they have the money and they tend to try to revive old Soviet Cold War technology/research.

  32. Um didn't this already happened and the results weren't good?

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