1. there is a guy that made Ben 10K versions for all aliens in the classic art style

  2. Dammit i dont got instagram, google images it is

  3. he wasn't part of the playlist originally, Ben 10K replaced Teopick with him at Ken's request

  4. Didn't he have a Galvin transformation? I thought that he said he used his smarts to disable the lock to help fight Kevin...

  5. he does, he convinced Ben 10K to swap Toepick for Graymatter

  6. Ah... the classic villain, a giant crustacean with an even bigger fragile ego...Ok, maybe my definition of classic is a bit off...

  7. Always knew there was some Ectonurite possession going on there some way or the other, BUT CRABTASTIC, that sure was one hell of a plot twist

  8. Yes, Atomix was innocent the whole time (I didn't think of the Crabtastic plottwist until like, halfway through)

  9. splendid!, now I can vote him without feeling guilty about it

  10. I was going through some files on my PC and found this, thought to post this here to save anyone who might need a Chronian transformation design from the headache of making it themselves

  11. I left the Fandom for a couple of days, and this is what I find when I'm back... I guess it could have been worst...

  12. Ah, POLITICS..... guess is time to extend my vacance away from the Fandom

  13. This took far shorter to make that I've initially anticipated... I think I've managed to collect them all, but you may disagree. so any other alien you think it should be on this list? why?

  14. Box and Gravattack were naturally unlocked by the Omnitrix, since the Omnitrix will randomly unlock new aliens from time to time

  15. I'm new to this Fandom,there's a second live action? And between 2 of them theres only 8 transformations lol? And to boot one is a normal dude This franchise is called ben 10 lmao That big chill looks cool as hell tho.

  16. Eon was first introduced in the movie "Ben 10: Race Against Time" were he was part of an alien race named Chronians, by the movies end Ben had scanned/unlock him as a transformation

  17. Snakepit, Shellherd and Sandbox, they never made an appearance, only got name-dropped during the OS episode "Ken 10"

  18. Favorite: Heatblast, you can't beat the original! jokes aside, he being my all time favorite is probably a due to a combination of nostalgia and the fact that pyrokinesis is my favorite superpower and this alien is the living embodiment of this power

  19. all 73 known transformations, tho Ben Prime may not have access to all of them

  20. just give him an entire colony of Xurges when used, it would make sense for him: a hive-mind alien unable to survive on his own so the Omnitrix makes an entire colony for him

  21. So where did you get the eon edit?

  22. What about the "underused" aliens that young Ben moved on from. Or the derrick joke aliens

  23. the "underused" aliens are Tom Perkins alien designs which DJW said he believed existed in the Omnitrix, and the Derrick jock aliens are... well joke aliens. This two cases better fit in the non-canon category

  24. Eon. I know it's not canon, but for years I had the order memorized and counted him as the 20th, so I'm not changing it now.

  25. Is it not canon cuz of universe thingy made by Alien X? I'm not caught up since 2018

  26. It happens in an alternate timeline (not the Prime one)

  27. The white horse is conquest, especially in the image you have posted, where the rider is wearing a literal crown

  28. the white horse is disputed with Conquest and Pestilence/ Plague being the two main interpretations, however Pestilence is normally preferred do to Conquest being to similar to War (the red horse)

  29. Actually the fandom wouldn’t care as long it’s ”white” culture that RWBY is appropriating, like the Nuckelavee from Celtic mythology.

  30. I was actually imagine half of the fandom accusing the show of pushing christian propaganda while the other half claim Ruby as christianophobic for attacking said villians

  31. there are 1.386.000.000 cubic kilometers of water in the Planetary Ocean and even if I could replace every single drop of it with pure concentrated liquid HATE, still it wouldnt even begine to scratch the surface of my hatered for this woman!!!

  32. "human" ... hmmm, this quite a bold asuncion on your behalf, my fellow

  33. the personality dynamic between the two of them could be interesting to see, tho I'm afraid that Winter might be a little to old for him...

  34. Who are the characters and where are they from in the last image?

  35. they are from the series "RWBY", I had that screenshot on my phone and thought it was fitting (wanted a group of shocked people image)

  36. I always pictured UA/OV Eon as coming from an alternate branch of RAT when he succeeded in taking over Ben (this way RAT would work like Alien Swarm - Semi-Canon).

  37. I always pictured UA/OV Eon as coming from an alternate branch of RAT when he succeeded in taking over Ben (this way RAT would work like Alien Swarm - Semi-Canon).

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