1. Where are the police, aren’t the supposed to serve and protect?

  2. They were among the proudboys. They got done with their shift on the job and joined after hours.

  3. This decision was so utterly boneheaded that the difference between him and controlled opposition is in matters of intent. Biden just sabotaged the future of American democracy by doing this. But, hey, I'm sure the donors are happy.

  4. That is assuming they (the legislation) does nothing more. I suspect they will still address it sometime in the up coming year. Both Biden and Buttigieg talk like they have a plan, and it’s not sounding like they are talking in circles.

  5. They have two years to implement it before everything goes down the toilet. They need to act like they're on a timer and show a little urgency.

  6. It’s winter time, god forbidden if it drops below freezing

  7. Look up words that people use because we don't know the meaning even though we pretend to when they are talking.

  8. I’ll do that when I’m reading on my phone. Internet convenient, I can’t toggle between two tabs all with my thumb. That’s the extent to it.

  9. No it could go longer than that, and he may become irrelevant, kind of like Glen Beck

  10. Maybe, but I haven't noticed any Republican politicians who've WON elections to date showing anywhere near the Teflon coating Trump has exhibited when flirting with Nazis, KKK or other core GOP groups.

  11. Graham, Gaetz and Jim Jordan comes to mind, I don’t think they are as blatantly corrupt but each of the have survived career ending scandals

  12. My ex does this all the time. Thanksgiving day, my daughter called in tears because my ex (her dad) actually told our daughter to “stop talking about your mom” when she was telling about a fun trip we did to get her nails done. Than there is the 8 hr car ride that he went on and on about that she was in tears again about what and how he was talking about me.

  13. So she never leaves the apartment without her husband? no one ever visits? She doesn't even get groceries or goes for a walk or anything outside the house?

  14. Or she’s farther along in her pregnancy than they thought.

  15. Depends. I'm in the UK, so being called darling is a common occurrence by complete strangers. And I'm a dude.

  16. My Dad calls everyone “honey” us, our friends, his church friends he even call his SIL’s, honey.

  17. Yep, and he did the one right thing out of fear for how his involvement with trump in the past would affect his future in politics, not believing these people still loved trump after he attempted to overthrow the government.

  18. Don’t think we need to question his motives for doing the right thing that one time, (regardless why, I’m still grateful he did, and that’s the only thing I’m grateful he did) It doesn’t make All the other times of not doing the right thing it ok. He is single handily responsibility for millions of deaths.

  19. This only shows that Pence DOES NOT understand what remorse is or even looks like.

  20. Republicans have made it their focus to out dick everywhere!

  21. They say mainstream media pulls left, calling this “vandalism” is an alt-right spin on “domestic terrorism”

  22. YTA, I have a sister with narcolepsy and she still manages to make it to family events.

  23. Thank you. But oh my it’s much worse! Spoiler. Mother didn’t live.

  24. I really couldn’t see any other out come, and My last Biology class was in Highschool

  25. Sure, but the combo of liver and placenta bleeding out is almost an instantly death.

  26. I’ve heard several of my Mom friends who have teens talk about how theirs, (and mine) teens have confided in us they are lonely. These are typically average or above average teens. That are involved with school and school activities, have supportive homes, friends, they’re basically good kids. Even without experiencing bullying their mental health is alarming. I feel for the kids who feel lonely don’t have family/friend supports and are being bullied.

  27. NTA, I bet you’re working AEP, which is 12+ hr a day. You told him and he can see you’re working 12/18 hrs a day, yet he still didn’t get it. He is acting like his needs are the only relevant ones in the relationship. He won’t pick up the slack to help you, and I’d put money on the table that he’ll expect you to do his chores when you take Jan off. He may understand splitting house work is fair, but he clearly resents it. I’m not going to tell you what to do, but I don’t think his attitude will improve., especially if you two have kids.

  28. So is “Intentionally Vandalism” the new way we talk about 9/11, right?Asking for a friend

  29. A reminder that something is not terrorism unless the motive for it is political. It’s probably best for the media to not start spouting off about terrorism until there is a reason to.

  30. By that time, it will no longer be news worthy or relevant.

  31. It was the right thing to do, never gave it a second thought.

  32. He is not respecting your boundaries, and sounding like he’s trying to shame and guilt you into changing those boundaries. Which is a second red flag. Whatever his motivation is, he’s over stepping your line in the sand. Stick by your guns, your business is not his, plain and simple.

  33. Wash the lunch bag, with bleach if it’s a reusable lunch bag.

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