1. They openly support aborting disabled people. I can easily imagine a Demokkkrat family aborting a trans child in order to "save" them from living a hard life.

  2. Such a psychotic breakdown seems like grounds to remove children from her care.

  3. I'm not sure if I'd call that psychotic but it's definitely an irrational response and probably has some sort of distorted thinking.

  4. The red army has committed horrible war crimes, it would be like supporting the Wehrmacht. No thanks, may they all go fuck themselves in their graves.

  5. They told my sister that they hope she gets hate crimed at a Trump rally. I saw the video of when she went to January 6th with her girlfriend. A lot of people were very supportive. Her girlfriend could get pregnant and she is still against abortion.

  6. After Reagan banned machine guns people bought drill presses.

  7. I had an atheist friend with BPD say this unironically. Everything is about pleasure to satanists. They also can't take care of a child because they are children themselves.

  8. It's because the bourgeois leftists are satanic hedonists who don't care about anything other then their own pleasure and they think that the highest pursuit in the world is pleasure.

  9. It's possible for the world and everything around it to have been created relatively recently, but from a scientific perspective it would be a lot older.

  10. Wearing clothes is transhuman and makes you a cyborg. If you wear clothes then you are trans.

  11. I think that ‘no guns for psychopaths who are outspoken about wanting to slaughter trans people’ is actually a perfectly reasonable law.

  12. And you haven’t risen up against the homophobic and transphobic state governments because…?

  13. I'm prepared to invade Canada over their fascist reincarnation of Action T4 known as MAID.

  14. I want to trick slavaboos into playing this unironically.

  15. Get people to not be soycucked on dealing with Nazis.

  16. I suspect this is a MAGA communist meme, but in this meme Stalin is a Democrat.

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