1. You got the perfect line through the corner opposing car went wide and somehow got a good run back at the apex they would of seen you and just didn't do anything to avoid you. You did nothing wrong

  2. Always a grammar corrector lol

  3. That's fantastic space and use of it and hey works well I would do it to I had my rig between my bed and window it was made like yours to fit like yours in that space. Well done

  4. I'm jealous I been wanting this wheel but it's ok I will make so wit the Ferrari Alcantara wheel for now man your lucky

  5. IL-2 Sturmvok pretty much no flight mechanics explained if u have some flight Sim experience your going to be okish newbie good luck

  6. Why didn't you hold the brakes and wait till safe to rejoin?

  7. Syndicate for me. Especially with Evie and her ability with the throwing knives.

  8. Consistentcy there perfectly matched well done

  9. If you like understeer use default safe setup if you like oversteer use aggressive setup learning trail braking is hugely important as well. Learning to use tc and abs to your advantage will also improve times

  10. I prefer oversteer but isn’t it quicker to have neither?

  11. It comes down to how you like to drive as well I like a little oversteer and low tc and abs but that's how I drive others like to be smooth with a good balance

  12. What are your settings for the wheel?

  13. Lots of the simple puzzle games and I play ets and ats without truck noises just music

  14. There's heaps just look on steam for multiplayer and the highest rated you'll find a bucket load

  15. What games have you played what genres do you like I could recommend 20 games and you could hate all of them or enjoy lots

  16. FPS, Survival crafting, and puzzle games are probably my 3 genres.

  17. I would recommend besiege as a puzzle crafting game that's been around a while and tends to fly under the radar it's a good game and lots of fun.

  18. I have the T300 been fantastic on PS5 and PC

  19. Where abouts are you? And what's cost are you looking selling it for?

  20. Nope none always turn it off

  21. It's all there violence horror sex murder nudity Adam and Eve were nude, the first murder was committed, plauges pestilence wiping out of entire cities torchure prostitution alcohol, magic.

  22. Add to that abortion, incest, and slavery. That's just off the top of my head.

  23. Drugs are probably there to

  24. T300 is a good upgrade from the g29/920 I did it a while ago and never want to go back

  25. Thrustmaster T300 or Logitech G920 are good choices. Only really need the 3 pedals if you drive with a shifter which there's tons of out there now that are worth a look

  26. Look at what games your wanting to play and what the specs are for what graphics your aiming for and no U don't need to buy the top of everything to have a good gaming pc

  27. Do you have monitor and other peripherals already or do these need to be taken into consideration for the budget?

  28. Yes I am currently playing on a 165hz monitor,kbam,desk,good Wi-Fi pretty much all I think I need

  29. Are you fussy with amd or Intel CPU? AMD are currently doing really good deals on CPUs.

  30. Do you have a budget or you happy to spend big?

  31. I loved this game since it's release and still have it and my PS2 it's still a fav today

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