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  1. 2mg is questionable, would work but it is most likely too low.

  2. Thank you very much for your advice, you can't understand how valuable this information is to me; thank you so so much. Have a great day, and a great life in general :)

  3. I tried with everything I had for years to be a woman and be happy about it. Ended up realizing I wasn't just defective and there were other people just like me after learning that trans people existed in high school. Suddenly all those feelings I had been taught were shameful or delusional made sense. How I was happy as a little kid when people mistook me for a boy, how I was jealous of my male friends and peers when they started puberty, how I was uncomfortable in my own skin after I started my own puberty and the only thing I liked about my body being more "mature" was the attention I suddenly got from a crush. It wasn't that I thought I was ugly, I just felt like I was looking at someone else in the mirror. Came out at 15, it was life changing. I actually started to like what I saw in the mirror for the first time since puberty started. Then.. I had to go back into the closet for safety reasons maybe a year after. Eventually after lots of dissociation and feeling ashamed for not being happy with the way my body was or how I was perceived I was in denial again. But every moment I spent trying to be a good "woman" and to love what I was given was just trying so hard to be someone else for the comfort of my (at the time) loved ones.

  4. When anyone born after 2000 tries to watch anything without shitty subway surfers gameplay or Minecraft parkour playing underneath and a shitty text to speech narrating everything and someone's face in the corner telling them when to laugh: 😰

  5. I wouldn't say deserve but it might be enough to give him a shock until you can find a solution later. I mean how bad can tripping balls be when you are already a vengeful abusive hateful kid? Like view this from his perspective, his life must fucking suck. Nobody is happy being abusive or hateful, trust me. I'm sure if he had a choice he would be happy and content. This is the one thing nobody understand about people like that. If they had a choice to feel content and happy and be normal they fucking would. They either don't know how or have psychiatric issues. I just think his life must be miserable at least tripping balls and being delirious might help him. I'd try to get ketamine into his drinks. Safe and actually might help a lot.

  6. LOL yall are crazy, he does definitely need psychiatric help and medical treatment tho

  7. Lol np. I'm a former teacher, so I had to study child/adolescent psych and had exposure to a diverse group of kids that I had no real attachment to or bias towards, so just kinda saying what I've observed and what I know about how kid's brains work. All situations are different of course, but the answers are usually more grey than it seems.

  8. Thanks for your reply. I wish that the school systems everywhere took a better approach at handling bullying and responded more in line with what you're saying

  9. Yeah, as someone who's been on both sides of it though, I also understand why teachers put that stuff on the backburners. Truth of the matter is teachers are just way overworked, it took me all week to investigate the matter and then also grade 50+ papers, prepare a lesson plan and teach it to 7 classes, draft a test, etc etc.

  10. Aren't all entrance points to the house a better place to capture a break in??

  11. What safety do I get from pointing the camera at the dining table??

  12. Jesse, we need to cook (more estrogen, we need some more of the gender fluid)

  13. If the car was as sturdy as that pole then it would be much heavier. If it was heavier then it wouldn't be able to reach those speeds as easily.

  14. Heavier == more momentum == harder to stop == pole isn't sturdy enough to stop it

  15. Bum cheeks are soft because they're filled with crap??!?!😰😰

  16. What blows my mind is that these psychos walk among us everyday.


  18. I used to live in Korea and they blurred a lot of stuff like guns, knives, cigarettes etc in movies and shows on TV lol

  19. People will then look for illegal means to get nicotine since they can't just quit cold turkey so tobacco will just become something like weed where people will have dealers and still get it. Not like that's got a chance of happening any time soon in nations like the us since the tobacco companies make so much money

  20. Isn't weed legal across a large part of the US anyway now? I'd rather smoke that than tobacco anyway :)

  21. Weed is worse on the lungs than tobacco Weed also has negative effects on the developing brain, way moreso than nicotine. If you're ok with yourself smoking weed then you should allow others to smoke less harmful things as they please since it's their body anyway

  22. I don't speak about any of this to most people I know; only my most trusted friends or partner

  23. Then you weren't really being nice. You probably expected something in return. People can smell that on you.

  24. I literally don't want or expect anything in return; I just try to treat others like how I'd like to be treated as much as I can and try not to be an asshole

  25. I don’t quite understand what you mean

  26. Maybe your parents could give you the password or type it in themselves and let you download the browser; they might not know what it is and think it's a game or something and allow you to download it

  27. Maybe I could try that, they definitely wouldn’t give me the password haha

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